Hibiskus tea can be prepared in hot or cold. It will have a great pink color and pleasant aroma in any case.
Before moving on how to prepare Hibiskus tea, let’s briefly talk about the benefits of the plant.
What are the benefits of Hibiskus tea? It is very rich in vitamin C. Contains minerals such as flavonoid.
Menstrual pains.
It has a natural laxative effect.
It supports digestion and contributes positively to weight loss.
Cramp is an antipasser.
Regulates blood sugar.
Reduces blood pressure.
It is among the liver -friendly plants.
But is there a side effect?

What are the damages of Hibiskus tea? It is known that this flower may affect the estrogen level. Due to this feature, consumption is not recommended by women who try to shift pregnant and pregnant.
Due to blood pressure -lowering effect, it is not suitable for use by people with low blood pressure.

Let’s come to our tea recipe!
How to prepare Hibiskus tea? Materials
3 tablespoons dried hibiskus flower
5 cups of drinking water
Half a teaspoon of honey -depending on it-
Quarter lemon juice -depending on the other-
Preparation of
Let’s start by boiling water. Let’s close the bottom when the water boils. Let’s throw the hibiscus into hot water. At this point, it can be added to the water in other plants.
For example, green tea is very compatible with hybiskus.
After adding the plants to the water, let’s wait for 6-7 minutes to brew.
Then, let’s add lemon juice and honey and serve our tea hot.
This tea is also suitable to serve cold. After mixing all the ingredients, it is sufficient to wait in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.
In cold service, 1-2 ice and mint can be thrown into cups.
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How many times a day Hibiskus Tea? Is it hungry or full? For daily use, more than 3 tea cups should not be consumed. Daily ideal powder is up to 2 tea cups.
When overdoing, blood pressure may have an undesirable level of decreasing, causing temporary dizziness.
The ideal times of the day to drink this tea are the times after meals.
A glass of hybiskus tea you will drink after the dinner is relaxing and helps digestion.

Does the Hibiskus tea weaken? Research on the plant; It shows that it has a positive effect on body weight, body fat content, body mass index and thickness of waist circumference.
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