Ada tea; Latin derives from the word “Salvere olan, which means“ healing ”or“ saving ”. The Latin name is “Salvia ..
Sage; Even in ancient Egypt, Greek and Roman cultures, it has found its place. It was used both for medical purposes and in rituals to reinforce spirituality.
There are many different types of this special plant: White Sage, Mediterranean Sage, Anamur Sage and Anatolian Sage. The vast majority of these species- except for the white sage- grows spontaneously in the territory of our country, especially in the coastal regions of the Aegean and the Mediterranean.
In traditional medicine, anxiety, depression, colds, digestive problems and more are frequently used for sage.
Which vitamins do you have in sage? There are 1 teaspoon of sage and 10 %of our daily need. Addition to vitamin K, sage contains vitamin A and some magnesium.
With these vitamins, this special plant also provides support for bone health.
[Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] island tea benefits? What is the sage good for? The sage plant has high antioxidant content. It is anti -inflammatory and cancer preventive, memory -strengthening ectures.
The sage, which also has antibicrobial properties, is suitable for use by burning to eliminate harmful microorganisms in the air.
Likewise, it is one of the less well -known features of the sage to have high effects against unwanted body odors.
There are also a number of studies showing that smelling sage oil or burning sage incense strengthens the memory and facilitates focus.
Additional, provides support for digestion, intestinal friendly and has diarrhea cutting properties.
What are the benefits of sage to women? It also provides a natural method to control hot flashes during menopause.
Menstrual regulatory.
Reduces menstrual pains.

Is the sage gastritis good? Anti -inflammatory effect, digestive and intestinal -friendly sage, such as gastritis, reflux, such as discomfort is a plant that can be preferred.
It does not trigger gastritis and reflux such as black tea or coffee. On the contrary, it provides support to dry inflammation in the stomach.

Why is the sage burned? The burning of fragrant aromatic plants during ceremonies or rituals is a very old tradition of humanity. And sage is one of the most widely preferred plants for this.
The purpose of burning the island tea is to purify the negative energy accumulated in the environment.
The island tea acts as a incense, provides a spiritual purification, and in the meantime brings with it to get rid of unwanted bacteria in the air!
Does the island weaken the tea? It is not a plant with a direct weakening effect, but it helps to feel full for a long time. It supports rapid fat burning in the body and accelerates metabolism.
How much should the island tea drink a day? How much should the island tea be consumed? As with all other plants, the consumption of island tea should not be overdoed. Overdoing, it will harm more than benefit.
If it will consume sage as tea, it is up to 2 tea cups of the daily safe amount of the daily safe amount.
Does sperm kill sage? Sage damages may reduce sperm quality if excessively exceeded. [Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] you can follow.
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