Fig seed oil is among the cold press oils that have recently gained popularity. Usage areas are very diverse.
It is most commonly preferred as skin care oil. Slows the aging of the skin. Free radicals fight.
Moisturizes, nourishes and gives softness.
Fig seed oil can also be used for firming effect on the face, breasts and hips.
Fig seed oil is among the firming oils gathering after pregnancy. It is enough to apply to the skin by massaging! Fig seed oil also provides high effect for under -eye wrinkles. [Button Link = “ In addition to skin care, these special fat is seen as support for the treatment of diseases such as attention deficit, hyperactivity, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
Studies on the high potassium value in its content can help reduce insulin content and balance high blood pressure.
The fig seed is also the seed of the fruit. This seed is the seed that has the highest vitamin D content between the fruits.
In addition to vitamin E, this high vitamin D content makes it a unique hair care oil.
[Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] Buy [/Button] Fig kernel oil how to use? Fig seed oil is a kind of vegetable oil suitable for external and internal use if it is obtained correctly by cold press method.
As mentioned above, it can be used as care oil on hair and skin.
In internal use, the ratio should not be more than 1 teaspoon for adults.
Fig seed oil has no known side effects. However, people with chronic illness and regular drugs should consult their doctor before they start using this oil.
Fig seed oil is also rich in omega fatty acids. With this aspect, it is seen as an odorless alternative to fish oil.
It can be ideal for the use of children who are uncomfortable with the smell and taste of fish oil.
The daily use for children should not be more than 1 teaspoon. And it is recommended to consult a child doctor before starting use.
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