Pomegranate seed oil is a valuable skin and hair care oil with its nourishing content.
It helps to have the ideal moisture balance of the skin and hair.
It has natural estrogenic effect.
It is a strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.
Supports the recovery of skin to elasticity.
It protects the skin against changing weather conditions – such as extremely hot or extreme cold.
It helps to heal wounds, bites, irritated skin tissues faster. With the use of pomegranate seed oil, it has been revealed that wounds healed by 35 %faster than normal!
According to the newly dated scientific studies, it has been revealed that it helps to reverse visible signs of aging.
It is also among the findings that show that the skin strongly supports collagen production.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/nar-cekirdegi-ygi-20-ml/” Color = “Red” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] pomegranate seed oil applied to the skin? Pomegranate seed oil is directly applied to the skin. It is also a carrier (fixed) oil that can be preferred to dilute essential oils.
It is enough to apply your daily moisturizer cream to clean skin by massaging 2-3 drops before applying.
This simple application tightens the skin and adds glow.

Pomegranate seed oil skin blemishes skin differences in the skin, acne scars, sun -connected stains are among the reasons for the preference of pomegranate seeds.
This special oil illuminates the skin is quite high. In addition, the vitamin C and linoleic acids it contains feed the skin and accelerate circulation.

Pomegranate seed oil is detained? Pomegranate seeds are among the vegetable oils that can be used under the eye and around the eye.
Alone or with grape seed oil can be applied together.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/soguk-sikim-siyah-uzum-cekirdegi-50-ml-100-ml/” color = “Purple” newwindow = “Yes”] grape seed oil [/ Button] It is sufficient to apply a small amount of massage to the cleaned eyes before going to bed at night.
It will reduce the tired image and alleviate the appearance of fine lines.
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How to apply pomegranate seed oil to hair? Pomegranate seeds are very useful for hair as well as skin.
Moisturizes dull and dry hair.
It supports the hair faster, lush and strong prolongation of hair.
Reduces the wear of the pool or sea.
Removes the bran in the bottom of the hair.
The application for hair can be in two ways.
Pomegranate seed oil and coconut are mixed at a rate of 1/4 and applied to the bottom of the hair as a mask. The mask is kept in the hair for 2 hours and rinsed.
Another practical method is to add the oil into the shampoo. 15-20 drops will be enough for 1 bottle.
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How to make pomegranate seed oil? The highest effect of oil is prepared as cold squeezing.
However, it is more simple to prepare skin care oil from pomegranate seeds.
Requirements for this process
Natural pomegranate without a large sized medicine
1 tea glass is cold squeezed olive oil.
Preparation of
Extract the pomegranate beautifully and grain.
Remove the juice if the grains are beautiful with the help of a strainer.
Cool the grains on a large tray to dry the grains.
Dry the grains by stirring occasionally for 1-2 days.
When the grains are completely dry, crumble them by beating them a little.
And take the crumbled pomegranate seeds in a glass jar, add 1 tea glass of pure olive oil.
Close the mouth of the glass jar with a cheesecloth and lift it into a cupboard that does not take the sun.
Mix excessives every day or day.
Your pomegranate seed oil will be ready at the end of 20 days. After draining the grains in the oil, you can start using it on your skin.
You can safely obtain the oil from our website as cold squeezing.
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