Buckwheat is one of the super nutrients that have recently increased awareness and use. Although it is the word “wheat ından in the name of Kara wheat, it is definitely not a type of wheat. And therefore there is no gluten in its content!
Black wheat or Grechaka is in the Pseudocrereal nutrient, which is translated into Turkish as a grain or grain -grain grain. This group includes Grechakan as well as Kinoa, Amarant and Chia seeds.
Pseudocereal foods are foods consumed just like cereals. But they do not grow by germinating like cereals. And they usually have high herbal protein and fiber content.
And buckwheat also contains high protein, fiber, high mineral and antioxidant.
Vitamin B and vitamin E content is high.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/karabugday-unu-kepekli-cig-Grecka-500-gr/ The nutritional values ​​for grams of raw buckwheat are as follows:
Calories: 343
Carbohydrate: 71.5 grams
Protein: 13.3 grams
Oil: 3.4 grams
Water: 10%
Fiber: 10 grams
Sugar: 0 grams

What are the benefits of buckwheat? Gluten -free and is a healthy option for most people without allergies.
Quality vegan is a source of protein.
Is a fiber store. It supports intestinal health with this feature. And accelerates digestion.
It has blood sugar -lowering effect. Moreover, it is a food that supports overall heart health with its blood pressure and blood lipid profile healing effect.
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How to remove buckwheat smell? Grechaka is a nutrient with its own sharp smell. This odor is disturbing for most people. To reduce the odor, you need to wash with plenty of water before cooking.
It is also smarter to choose raw buckwheat and raw buckwheat flour if the smell disturbs you. Because when the smell is raw, it is quite small in grains. Roasting triggers the release of the odor.

How to boil buckwheat? The ideal water size is 1 to 2. So you need to use 2 cups of water for 1 cup of black wheat.
Cooking time: 10 – 12 minutes. Don’t forget to leave the lid of the pot lightly open during cooking!
Grechaka becomes quite delicious. It is especially compatible with red pepper and mint.
After boiling, additional butter can be added to sweeten.

It is also possible to make buckwheat recipes with buckwheat grains and to make porridge, barren and rice. The grains can only be roasted and eaten as a snack. In this case, it is quite delicious.

You can easily use buckwheat flour in pastry or bread making. But if you want to have a dominant smell, you should choose raw buckwheat flour.
Raw full black wheat flour is ideal for bread making. The flour prepared in the shell contains high fiber. It is very nutritious and provides long -term satiety.
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Each black wheat is a seed that has not been roasted and has not been treated. You can also consume these seeds to sprout at home.
You can consume sprouted buckwers in salads, granos and smoothies raw.
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The difference of raw and roasted buckwheat is different from the smell and aroma. Furthermore, raw grill is much more nutritious and healthy because it is not exposed to any glittering.
Grechaka diet is a short -term diet. Usually applied for 3 days. Grechaka is boiled and prepared. This mush is consumed as the main course for meals for 3 days. Fresh fruit and green raw vegetables and herbs are consumed besides the lap. You can safely obtain our full black wheat flour which is prepared with local production without drug production from our website. The grains were not roasted and they were not separated from their shell. The old -style stone mill was grinded. [Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/karabugday-unu-kepekli-cig-Grecka-500-gr/” color = “red” newwindow = “Yes”] If you want to consume, you can also obtain local black wheat seeds from our website. [Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/cig-karabugday-kabuklu-tane-Grecka-1-kg/” Newwindow = “Yes”] You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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