Camel seed seeds are the seeds of the plant that grows spontaneously in nature and has many different species. Let’s examine the camel spur plant which is too valuable to be thrown aside by saying thorn or weed grass!
What are the benefits of thistic seed? This special plant is often preferred in liver cleansing extrarates. Camel spur, a liver friend, is also a cell regenerating feature.
The continental, which slows aging, also helps to remove toxic substances accumulated in the body. These harmful substances include cigarettes!
It has pain relief effect.
The continent is often preferred because of the regulating effect of blood sugar.
The seeds of the plant are mostly used, but the root parts and camel spur milk are also preferred from time to time for different reasons.

How to collect camel spur seeds? Collecting the seeds of the plant is quite laborious. It is necessary to use thick gloves when collecting the plant with a large number of large sizes.
The seeds of the plant are located just below the purple flower part.
When these purple flower parts are pulled slightly, the seeds are separated from the plant with them.
The seeds are extracted from the flowers and dried in the sun. The completely drying continental seeds are stored in a glass jar, in a place that does not take direct sun.
When is the camel spur seeds collected?
In which month is camel spur gathering?
The seed is collected after the plant gives flowers and the flowers are completely unique pink purple color. The ideal time to collect the seed thorn seeds will be the end of July at the end of August. Of course, the harvest time may vary regional differences. So how to use camel spur seeds? The most common method for taking advantage of camel spur seeds is to brew seeds as herbal tea.
Detlica seeds can be used daily from 1 teaspoon ratio.
Another method is to add the continental seed to salads. The seeds are hard, so it is necessary to boil in advance.
In camel spur cure applications, seeds are often consumed by mixing with honey or yogurt. Seeds can also be used after grinding with the spice grinder.

Camel spur seeds and honey mixture is the preferred continental honey mixture, which is preferred as liver cleansing cure, is prepared with a measure of 1/1.
5 tablespoons of honey in return, 5 tablespoons of grinded camel spur seeds are used.
Honey and seeds should completely mix and come to the consistency of paste. Storing in the glass jar should be made, consumed up to 1 teaspoon daily.
Cure lasts a total of 20 days.

Who can’t use camel spur? People who regularly use drugs are not suitable for the use of breastfeeding and pregnant women and children.
If these people will use the continental seed, they must obtain approval in consultation with a physician before.
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