Flaxseed is a seed rich in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. The lignans contained in the seed is the reason for the real miracle of seed.
A tablespoon of grinded flax seeds include two grams of multiple unsaturated fatty acids (omega 3) and 2 grams of dietary fiber. A total of 37 calories.
The most frequently preferred reason for linen seed is to support digestive health and search for a solution to the problem of constipation.
Flaxseed is considered to be among the healthy foods that reduce the risk of developing heart disease. It can help reduce the level of bad cholesterol.
How to consume flax seeds? The linen passes through the intestines without digesting the seed. This means that the benefit we will obtain from seeds is almost zero.
For this reason, seeds should be used and used.
Seeds are easily deteriorated, oxidable. Therefore, they are not suitable for grinding and hiding.
It is recommended that linen seeds should always be grinded as much as the amount to be consumed and consumed without waiting.
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How to grind flax seeds? The seeds can be used easily with the help of a coffee/ spice grinder or a kitchen processor.

How to store grinded flax seed? It is not recommended to store linen seeds in ground for a long time. Seeds are unstable.
If short-term storage is to be made, storage in the refrigerator for 1-2 days can be preferred in the refrigerator.
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How to use for constipation? It is generally preferred with yogurt in use to get rid of constipation.
At the first meal in the morning, consumption for breakfast will also have constipation preventive effect.

How to make flax seed tea? One way to evaluate the seeds is to brew them as tea. This tea helps digestion. It runs the intestines.
1 teaspoon of seeds for 1 cup can be prepared by boiling for 6-7 minutes.
You can also add the seeds to your meals in many different ways.
Adding to salad or yogurt is the first method that comes to mind.
But linen seed can even be added to sandwiches. Grind half a teaspoon of seeds and mix your salad or mayonnaise and apply it to the bread. It’s that simple!
Adding seeds into cookies, cakes, bread and all other pastries is one of the pleasant ways to evaluate them. Just add 1 teaspoon during construction!
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