Şitaki mushroom or other names with Şitake mushroom, shiitake mushroom; It is one of the most widely consumed mushrooms in the world.
Şitaki, which is both natural and growing, is a relatively affordable and easily accessible mushroom.
Şitaki mushrooms are especially valuable. Natural chases grow in decaying tree trunks.
Şitaki, a meat with brown hat, meat and delicious, is widely used especially in Far Eastern cuisine.
Şitaki mushroom is easy to access and is quite healthy, although it is affordable compared to other mushrooms.
Cancer fighter, immune strengthening, cholesterol lowering, supporting heart health.
It is also possible to find this fungus consumed fresh or dried in the form of food supplement (capsule).
Shiitake mushroom nutritional value is high. Low calorie and fiber ratio is high. It is especially rich in group B vitamins. It contains similar amino acids with red meat.
However, the amount of bioactive compounds in Shiitake mushroom varies depending on how and where mushrooms are grown or grown, how they are stored, and how they are prepared for food.
Shiitake mushroom recipe This mushroom can be used for meals as fresh or dried.
Standard vegetable dishes can be added. The saute can be prepared, baked or fried and soup can be made.

Shiitake mushroom taste does not have a very dominant aroma. It can be clearly defined as salty and etsi.
This is even more pronounced in ETSİ and salty taste dried mushrooms.
Dried shiitake is softened by waiting in hot water for a while before cooking.
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What are the benefits of shiitake mushrooms? (Şitaki mushroom) has vitamin D content.
It has antibacterial and antiviral properties.
Supports bone health.
It has anti -cancer effects.
Strengthens the immune system.
Supports heart health.
It has a cholesterol -lowering effect.

What are Shiitake mushroom damages? These mushrooms are potentially considered safe for most people.
In rare cases, itching and rash complaints may occur in the skin. These complaints may be due to external and internal consumption.
Shiitake mushroom in capsule form, if used as a food supplement, expert approval should be obtained. Due to the long -term and uncontrolled use of these capsules, stomach disorders and extreme sensitivity to the sun can be seen.

How to Clean Shiitake Mushroom? Is it washed? Each mushrooms should be washed before consumption. In other words, you must clean the Shiitake mushroom from the market and the market before cooking it.
Only wild mushrooms that do not have contact with pesticides and fertilizer collected from nature can be consumed without washing. With the help of a small brush of these mushrooms, dust, soil and mud are gently cleaned.
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