Beta Glukan is a natural nutritional supplement that strengthens and supports the immune system.
What foods are β-glukan? Naturally, it is also found in oats and barley. Oatmeal bran, oat flour, oatmeal and whole grain flour are one of the foods containing Betaglukan.

What are Beta-Glucan Benefits? The primary reason for the use of the β-glucan molecule is that it is a molecule that supports the immune system.
With this feature, it is preferred in seasonal transitions and in epidemics that affect many people.
Frequently ill; AFT is recommended by experts in order to support the immune system of aphthae and herpes.
It is used to re -recover the immune system after diseases that need to be used for a long time.
It is a savior reinforcement for those working at high pace and suffering from chronic fatigue.
Flu, colds, colds, respiratory tract infections are also used as support products.
In short, it is a nutritional supplement used to protect against β-glucane diseases and to get rid of it much faster and more faster and more damaged.
β-glucon can be used daily, but the research shows that its continuous use decreases and its protective effect may disappear. For this reason, it is recommended by experts not to exceed 3 months.

Can β-Glucan children use? Yes, Beta-Gluukan is a product that is often used for children who are frequently ill. However, for children, before using this supplement, but a doctor must be consulted.

What are Beta Glukan Skin Benefits? The benefits of beta gluc are not limited to supporting the immune system. It also provides numerous significant benefits on the skin.
It is effective in getting rid of skin problems due to eczema, psoriasis and seasonal allergies.
It provides a rapid healing of skin and burns, rashes and insect fly bites on the skin.
It has an effect on increasing collagen production on the skin. Thus, it provides a brighter and perfect skin. In regular use, it is known that the lines on the skin disappear.

Is Beta Glukan effective for the corona virus? There are clinical studies showing that even Beta-Glucan can kill cancer cells. It has been stated by experts that this highly effective substance can be used in the days of Corona virus epidemic due to supportive effects of our immune system.
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