Bergamot is one of the biggest sized members of the Nedenian family that will attract you with its extraordinary curved appearance and smell.
Most of us know the bergamott or bergamot tea. However, we may not be so sure of what it looks like. Many people even think that he has some kind of tea leaves.
So what is actually bergamut? How to evaluate? How to dried? Is it eaten? How to make jam or marmalade? Come on, let’s look for answers to all these questions!
Where does it grow? Bergamot is an aromatic fruit that grows in the tree in the Aegean and Mediterranean, a citrus. Muğla, Mersin and Antalya are the most common cities that you will encounter with this fruit.
These giant fruits, which were green at first, get yellow color as it matures. It can be harvested and used at full mature or a little earlier.
Bergamut jam (Kebbet jam) unlike other fruits in making jam, the outer part of the fruit and the inner water part are not used at all. The outer shell and folds are grated until they are completely disappeared.
The aqueous part is separated. The grated part can be dried and added to the tea and the juicy part can be evaluated like lemon juice.
In order to remove the pain of the meat white part in the middle of these two, several processing steps are followed.
First, this white part is chopped in the form of small squares or long strips. It is then boiled in boiling water for a short time. After boiling, it is taken into cold water without waiting. This process is repeated until the pain of the fruit is completely out.
If you want to do this in a healthier but less practical way, it is possible to remove the pain by waiting in cold water for 3 days after chopping the fruits. Don’t forget to change the water frequently within these 3 days. nler-tadi-nasil/ materials
500 g of sober bergamut
3.5 cups of powdered sugar
2 cups of water
A lemon peel grater -according to my name-
A grater of an orange shell -according to my name-
Quarterly lemon juice
Preparation of
Put the sugar and water in a saucepan and heat it continuously for 5 minutes, add the bergamuts to the saucepan when it is slightly consistent. Put the lemon and orange shells in the pot.
Boil the mixture for 20 minutes. If the jam is foamed, take the foam.
Add the lemon juice close to closing the gold of the jam. Hot hot jar of your jam.
Enjoy your meal!

When is Bergamot gathering? Although this fruit shows small differences from the region to the region, it is harvested during the winter months. It is most commonly possible to see the bergamot in the market in November December and January. Unlike other citrus fruits, it will be very difficult to find bergamot.

How to eaten the bergamot fruit? How to consume? This fruit is really sour. And rarely consumed directly without processing. The water of the juicy part can be squeezed and can be used as a flavor, just like lemon.
White, fleshy interior is made jam and marmalade.
A very fragrant oil is obtained from its leaves and outer shell. This oil is often preferred as the smell of incense. [Button link = “ How does it taste? The smell is very pleasant, light, floral and compatible with other scents. The taste is quite sharp and sour.
Bergamut shell dry can be used for the production of bergamotic tea (Early gray) by grating and dried or dried. Although these shells are sometimes used in ready -made herbal teas, sometimes only the essential oil obtained from the leaf parts of the plant can be used as an aroma donor.

How to dried bergamot peel? If you are going to dry bergamot in teas, you need to do it. Separate the outer shell completely from the inner juicy part and cut into small pieces. Then allow to dry these parts in a cool and closed place on a large tray. Mix the pieces from time to time and make sure that all of them are dry. Since bergamut is a winter fruit, it can be difficult to dry, do not dry outdoors.
If you want the dry shells through the grinder and make it completely dusty. If you storage the mouth closed in glass jars, your shells will have a long life.
These bergamut shells you dried were quite valuable and aromatic. You can consume them by brewing them with black or green tea. You can increase their aromas by blending with other herbal teas. You can even consume these shells by brewing them alone. [Button Link = “ -Why you can subscribe to our bulletin to be aware of our-nasil-nasil-yenir/ informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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