Nettle seeds are healing seeds obtained from wild nettle.
Isirgan grass is a species that grows spontaneously in nature, open lands or garden. It does not want attention and multiplies easily. The roots extend very deep.
Nettle can be consumed by brewing tea as tea or roasted and dinner is made, participating in the observation mortar.
This effect of nettle, which irritates the skin while freshly, disappears completely when cooked. When drying, it decreases to some extent.
It is also possible to use nettle external. It is a commonly used plant, especially in skin complaints and hair care.
The seeds of the mountain nettle are at least as useful as it is!
[Button Link = “ Usually nettle seeds are used freshly used. Nettle Seed Honey mixture or nettle seed black seed mixture is prepared and consumed gradually.

This mixture of nettle seeds and honey is often used as a natural strength, immune strengthening. It is quite easy to prepare and the taste is delicious. Usually consumed up to 1 teaspoon in breakfast. Choosing the raw honey that has not been processed is very increasing the benefit.
Instead of honey, natural molasses or yogurt can also be preferred in the recipe.
Additional black seed can also be added to the mixture.

How to Mix the Nettle Seed Honey Mix?
2 teaspoons of grinded nettle seeds
2 teaspoons of ground
5 tablespoons of raw honey
All ingredients are mixed in a glass jar until it reaches the consistency of paste. The mixture can be stored at room temperature.
How to consume nettle seeds? You can also include seeds in original and delicious recipes.
The taste of the seeds is delicious and crispy. They can also be used without grinding. They are especially ideal for making fit crackers, homemade rod crackers or bread.
They can also be used together with flax seeds in salads.

When is the nettle seeds collected? Nettle seeds are fully matured in the summer, but the colors are collected from the plant when they have not yet returned to brown. When the seeds are removed, they are green, the colors darker over time.
Nettle herbs are two species: female and male. And only female nettle produce seeds.
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What are the benefits of nettle seeds? These tiny grains are very rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Linoleic and linolenic acids contained in nettle seeds turn into omega 3 and omega 6 in the body.
Moreover, there is!
Nettle seeds are great for skin, hair and brain health.
Supports kidneys.
Strengthens adrenals.
It is also rich in vitamin C and essential fatty acids.
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Nettle seeds Sexuality Seeds also have sexual strength enhancement and libido amplifier. For this purpose, a mixture of honey with honey is used by preparing.
Nettle tea can also be used for sexual power.

Where to sell nettle? Where to sell nettle seeds? You can safely obtain HDEM nettle and nettle seeds from our website. During the season, our products are harvested from the open land from the Köyceğiz region and dried in the shade. It does not contain agricultural drugs and is completely natural. Seeds are also edible.
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