How to dried cherries? If you are wondering, this article for you!
It may be a good idea to dry them if you have enjoyed the taste of juicy, delicious cherries during the season and hide some of them for winter months.
In addition to drying, fresh cherries and canned, pickles and jams can be prepared. If you want to try something more extraordinary, you can try Chutney with Cherry.
It is actually quite easy to prepare canned food. The ratio is very simple 1 liter drinking water for 1 kg of seed cherries. The addition of some sugar adds flavor to canned food, but it should not overdo it because cherries are already sweet!
How to make cherry dry cherry? You can leave the seeds of the cherries in canned, sherbet or drying. However, it is a smarter choice to get into a little bit of trouble and extract the seeds and stems.
Small “Core Removal” apparatus will see your work too much to extract the seeds.
Let’s come to how to dry the cherries!
How to dried cherries? How to dried cherry in the sun? Cherries can be dried naturally in the semi -sun or drying machines can be used for this.
In both cases, the cherries should be arranged in a way that does not come up and not touch each other.
You should also be sure when you do not dry the fruits that are crushed, wolf or blow.
If you are going to dry without a machine, it will take up to 3 – 4 days to dry the cherries in the semi -shade. This time may vary according to the irrigation ratio, size and weather of the cherries.
At the end of the period, bake the cherries in a 150 degree oven for 20 minutes to minimize the risk of possible bacteria and provide a better dryness.
If the region you live in is a very humid area, it is not recommended to dry the sun in the open. Moist air is not suitable for drying and brings the risk of mold and aflotoxin.
The most ideal drying kitchen type in humid geographies will be with dryers. New generation Air Fryerlar can also do your job. How to dry? When drying in a normal oven, the oven should be 65 degrees. If your oven does not go down to so low, you can drop the heat by leaving the oven lid open.
Cherry drying in the normal oven will take about 9 to10 hours.
Cherry can be dried in a whole, or drying can be done after cutting into two. This is up to you.
How to consume cherry dry? You can consume dry cherries directly as snacks or add cookies, cakes, granolas, salads, yogurt. Dry cherries are quite tasty and very nutritious. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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