How to install olives? Come on, let’s call the answer to this question together! How to install green olives? How to prepare crushed olives? What are the tricks? How long will we give answers to the questions that are ready to eat olives? How to set up olives?: The tricks of installing olives at home should buy olives without medication in a reliable place to keep your olives intact. Otherwise, your olives will mold, melting; Your labor and money will go to the trash. Another important point is that olives have not been damaged too much. It is natural that there are olives with berled, damaged olives between them. These olives should not be placed in jars during the institution, they should be extracted and thrown into the trash. Glass jars should be preferred instead of plastic bottles for the olive institution. Especially disposable pet water bottles and cola bottles should be avoided. During the first institution of olives, additional lemon or lemon juice should not be used. Lemon and lemon juice cause your olives to melt. After the pain of the olives, when they become ready to eat, ie the olives are ready to come to the table with lemon sweetened. While preparing fabrication olives, lemon salt and many other chemical products are used to accelerate the ready to eat olives and to prevent melting. Lemon salt takes its name from lemon, but a natural product obtained from lemon is absolutely not. It is a chemical product produced completely in laboratory. It is certain that it is not beneficial for human health, and its damages are not known exactly. Research on this subject is insufficient. If you do not want to disrupt the flavor and natural structure of the olives, if you want to provide the highest level of benefit from olives, you are not recommended to use lemon salt when installing your olives. Natural rock salt should be used, not table salt when preparing your olives at home. Another important point is the water used during the institution. Water should not be water, but drinking water. Fountain water contains high chlorine. Chlorine can dissolve your olives and disrupt their flavor. Sterilized jars and caps should be used by boiling. The jar caps you will use should be new. How to install green olives? How to sweeten?
Green olives are washed beautifully, dried.
The loser and berets are extracted.
If any, the leaves of the olives and the stems are also extracted.
The olives are drawn with a knife, broken with stone or transferred to jars without any operation.
After the olives – drinking water – drinking water is added to the jars.
For 1 kg of olives, 250 g of rock salt is added to the last salt.
Sterilized, new caps are closed.
For the disintegration of the salt, the jars are slightly shaken.
You can store your olives in a dark cupboard.
Leave your jars to rest for 20-30 days. This time varies according to the scratch, crushing or not processed olives.
Then you can open the jars and taste your olives, you can get as much as you can.
During this time you can change the brine water, which makes the olives ready more quickly. Don’t forget to add salt!
Keep your olives ready to eat in the refrigerator where you open the lid. They will be longer lasting.
Just remove the olive water from the brine juice and sweeten it with olive oil, lemon, spices.
If you prepare green olives as green olives, your olives will be sweetened in a shorter time and will be ready to eat. Crushed olives are easily ready, as well as deterioration and melting times are shorter. For this reason, crushing olives should be prepared with a small amount. Scratch green olives are ready to eat within 25-30 days. It does not melt as easily as crushed olives. You can also prepare olives without breaking or drawing. It will take a long time for them to become ready, the time will be above 1 month. But your olives will be very tasty and long -lasting. Where to buy raw olives? You can buy the 1st Quality Aegean Olives from our site from our site, which grows naturally without dehydration and agricultural medicine in Zeytinalanı Village in Köyceğiz District of Muğla Province. [Button Link = “ [Button link = “ Our olives are installed only with drinking water and rock salt from the season. It does not contain additional lemon salt or any other chemicals. Our olives ready to eat are sold all year. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our current product and price lists, campaigns and articles and follow our Instagram page.