Menengiç; the jack, the çitlenbik, Çöğre, Sakızlaki, Bıttım, also known as the names of the wild grown in the nature of a wild grown. Also known as pine nuts without vaccination, it is a close relative of pine nuts. Small green grain, this eaten grows especially in the hot regions of our country. The benefits of this eaten to human health are quite high. What are Menengiç Benefits? Fence; Potassium, iron, calcium, is very rich in protein. It contains vitamins A and C. It is expectorant.
It is a breast softener.
It is diuretic. It is effective in urinary tract infections.
Menstrual regulatory.
Strengthens vocal cords.
It has aphrodisiac effect.
It is thought to have bad cholesterol -lowering effect.
Cancer fighter. It strengthens the immune system with its intense vitamin A. nler/ Solutions: Solutions for sore throat and cough: The chin, especially in winter, the menengiç tea against sore throat and cough observed in seasonal transitions is one-to-one. 2 teaspoons of boil for 5 minutes to the jack. Boiled foods are filtered and taken to the glass. 1 teaspoon of raw honey is added and drunk. It will soften the throats and help to reduce cough. Buy [/Button] You can safely purchase the wild, natural menengiçler from Our gales are raw, without roasting, without any processing. You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be informed about our current product and price lists, campaigns, informative articles and follow our instagram page.