Karakılçık wheat: Why did the genetics of the genetically unspoiled wheat wheat deteriorate? With the increasing crowd of the world, with the support of technology and science, the genetics of wheat, which is the basic nutrient of human beings, began to be changed. The aim of this was to increase the yield from wheat and to make wheat less affected by conditions such as air and water. In other words, the aim was to create a highly efficient product. A large amount of products, to cost cheap. For this cause, the natural structure of wheat has deteriorated and has been compromised by its quality, flavor, benefits and nutrition. What is genetically unspoiled wheat? Here are the above -mentioned wheats that have not been played with genetics in the laboratory, and the most suitable for the climate and soil of the region are genetically unspoiled wheat. Genetically unspoiled wheat, it is difficult to find day by day, the farmer’s gradually abandoned the types of teams. Kavlıca, Sial, Gernik, Dinkel, Karakılçık, Kiziltan genetics are not changed and still existing local wheat species. Karakılçık wheat is a kind of wheat that came out of Anatolia. Even centuries ago, it has been planted and reaped in our lands. It is very valuable with its high minerals, fiber and protein values. The gluten ratio is very, very low compared to genetically played wheats. The flavor of Karakılçık wheat, which contains vitamins A, E and K C, is legendary. Karakılçık wheat flour Karakılçık wheat outer shell is harder than the new generation of GMO wheat, this shell is not grinded in new generation wheat grinding machines. Only old -style water mills or stone mills are used to grind the wheat. In commercialized, factory enterprises, therefore, black sword wheat or Karakılçık wheat flour is not preferred. However, the flavor of breads, cakes and pastries prepared with wheat flour is so superior to comparison with white flour. [Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/dogal-bakliyatlar-tahillar/” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] Genetically unchanged, 14 chromosomal DNA with the Karakılçık wheat and the black sword prepared from this wheat full of wheat flour should be known, replicated, everyone’s hand to mow and future generations are the products that should be transferred to future generations. New generation GMO wheat threatens human health. These wheats are allergic to most people, they are known to be associated with very serious health problems. Iron, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and 13 %protein content of black sword wheat and flour are also easy to digest. If you want to carry unarched flours and wheats with genetics to your kitchen and table, you can safely buy it from our egepazarindan.com address. Black sword wheat, black swarm whole wheat flour and Kızıltan wheat, Kızıltan whole wheat flour (pasta) and corn flour from horse seeds are on our list. In addition to our wheats, our genetically not played local pulses are listed on our website. [Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/dogal-bakliyatlar-tahillar/” color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] You can subscribe to our newsletter and follow our instagram page.