Melatonin level refers to the amount of melatonin in the body, which is among the hormones it needs to keep our body healthy and fit. This hormone is a must for quality sleep!
What is melatonin? Melatonin is the hormone that allows us to move to sleep naturally. When the sun begins to set, our body naturally begins to secrete melatonin.
Production is made in the epiphous gland responsible for sleep in the brain. And with blood circulation, it is scattered throughout the body.
Melonin hormone was also found in our intestines through new generation research.
Melatonin levels in our body decrease due to reasons such as being sleepless until late at night or being exposed to screen light.
However, it is of course possible to regulate and raise these levels by taking some measures.
In this article, we will talk about how we can raise melatonin levels. But first, let’s briefly take a look at the benefits of melatonin for our body:

What are the benefits of melatonin? What does it do? Keeps the immune system strong.
Increases the healing rate of infections.
It helps to reduce risks such as high blood pressure, heart attack and paralysis.
Reduces and slows down your aging symptoms.
It supports and regulates intestinal health. Irritable bowel syndrome may be extra important for people with acid reflux and other common stomach problems.
It fights free radicals in the body. Alcohol, cigarettes, air pollution and unhealthy foods contain high levels of antioxidants we need to resist the effects of free radicals we take into the body.
Supports eye health.
Increases concentration.
Prevents memory loss.
Supports thyroid functions.
Increases the energy level of the body.

How to increase melatonin level?
Melatonin pill & melatonin band
It is possible to get melatonin pill or melatonin band in a reinforcement form under the control of the doctor to increase hormone level. However, there are also natural methods that can be taken.
Turn off the lights
Avoid extra light in the living room or living room before going to bed in the evening. Choose as little light as possible. A dim environment provided from a single light source or a semi -dark environment illuminated by just candles will be ideal for your melatonin levels.
A short break to technology
From time to time, affirmed yourself, to make a technological diet. Take daily breaks to technological tools.
From time to time, try to spend a whole day in nature without your mobile phone, computer and television.
Try to handle your long -term screening in the middle of the day, not in the evening or nights.
Blue Light Exposure
Try to be less exposed to the blue light emitted by all technological device screens.
It will also be wise to choose screen use with blue light protected glasses in the evening.
To stay away from the blue light, you can try to win the habit of leaving your phone out of your bedroom just before bedtime.
Small social media surfing you made just before bedtime can cause serious decreases in melatonin levels!
How to increase melatonin level? Loose!
Slowing the body in various forms, allowing it to relax will support the secretion of the hormone.
Drinking a herbal tea -free herbal tea in the café -like a breeze tea-
Smelling relaxing aromatherapy oils -like lavanta-
Listening to relaxing music
Take a warm shower
Making slight relaxation exercises will help you with this.
Healthy eating
As in our general health, a healthy diet is of great importance in raising our melatonin levels.
Plants have melatonine like us. It is possible to take this melatonin into our structure through our nutrition.
Some plants contain even higher melatonin than others.

Natural melatonin resources naturally, nutrients containing tryptophan, magnesium, calcium and B6 are rich in melatonin.
Nutrients containing triptophane contain animal nutrients, full grain foods, and red lentils plenty of triphalous.
Food pomegranate containing the most melatonin

Herbal teas containing melatonin -such as Papatia-
Seed foods – like anony – are the leading melatonin -rich foods.
Pistachio Melatonin Level Effect
Among all nuts, antip nuts are very rich in melatonin. A handful of pistachios contain 6.5 mg melatonin. How to measure melatonin level? The most commonly various blood and salivary tests are measured by melatonin levels. Enzyme -based tests are also available. There are special kits that measure melatonin levels. What is the normal melatonin level? The secreted hormone level varies from person to person. Age is an important factor secreted. The amount secreted during the day is much lower than the night. This level is between 10-60 pg/ml. Causes melatonin deficiency? There are 3 reasons for this in society.
The first reason is that the circadian rhythm of the body regulating sleep is impaired.
Artificial lights and technological instruments are generally responsible for the deterioration of this rhythm.
Artificial environment lighting and the blue light emitted by tools convinces our body that it is not day and night. In this case, our body does not go to sleep and melatonin cannot be secreted.
The body cannot distinguish artificial and real light sources!
Melatonin deficiency: Another cause of Seratonin is that the body cannot get enough sunlight during the day.
To naturally secrete melatonin, the body needs a certain amount of natural sunlight.
This is because it provides serotonin production, the pioneer of the sun’s melatonin.

Excessive Caffeine Consumption
A third reason is too much caffeine consumption.
Caffeine is a melatonin suppressive. It can bring sleep problems and chronic fatigue with high amounts and continuously.
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