Erythritol is an alternative sweetener with low carbohydrate and low calorie and sugar alcohol. It is frequently used in ”fit” products.
Foods containing this substance are usually labeled with low sugar -free, low sugar.
Granules (crystal) or powder form.
What is erythritol? Some foods – vegetables and fruits – naturally have a low amount of erythritol. However, erythritol used in packaged foods is made with human hand.
The taste is not dominant and it is only refreshing in water. The taste is close to table sugar. It is considered that the sweetness rate is 75 %compared to table sugar.
However, the experiences say that they gain less sweetness than this.
In addition to giving taste to foods, it has a refreshment in products such as clarifier and sugar and gum.
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Erythritol Nutrition Value Table Sugar: While containing 4 calories per gram
Erythritol: It contains only 0.24 calories per gram.

Is it suitable for ketoogenic diet? Erythritol does not affect blood sugar. It does not cause an increase in glucose. And the glycemic index is quite low.
With these properties, it is considered to be fully suitable for those who apply ketogenic diet and diabetic patients.
It also does not cause dental caries.

Is Erythrritol healthy? Research has shown that this substance is safe. No possible side effects are mentioned.
Effects on metabolism and animal experiments on the possibility of toxicity are numerous.
These experiments have not found any serious side effects despite the long -term erythritol consumption.
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Is erythritol harmful? What are the side effects? When sugar alcohols are consumed in large amounts and frequently, they associate them with digestive problems and gas problems.
However, 90 %of the erythritol is absorbed in the bloodstream and only 10 %reach the column without digestion. And unlike most sugar alcohol, it is resistant to fermentation caused by erythritol colon bacteria.
The breakthrough from the body is provided by urinary tract.
With this feature, it has been reported that it is much rarely caused by digestive problems.
Nevertheless, the intake of a very high amount at one time can cause stomach discomfort. And some people may be more sensitive to this substance.

Eritritol is halal? Having sugar alcohol can confuse your mind. However, despite its name, no sugar alcohol contains alcohol. Erythritol does not contain any alcohol.
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