Samhain is a festival that started on October 31 and ended on November 1, celebrated with enthusiasm even in the distant geographies.
It is read in the form of “Sovin”.
It is also known as Shadowfest, Streetga, Martinmas and Hallowmas.
The festival points to the arrival of winter. At the same time, this date corresponds to the last harvest of the year.
The festival carries sadness. Soil equipment ends at these times. The dark period of the year is entered.
It is thought that the period was the closest of the living and the dead. It is also believed that this is the time that bad souls stand closest to those living.
Precious stones and talismans are used to protect from evil spirits. Various rituals are made. Sage incense, lavender incense, pumpkin, mule nails, apples, amber, ginger and cinnamon samhain rituals are often used in natural plants.
In particular, sage incense and lavender incense have an important place in tradition.
[Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now examine [/button] in various colors are among the sine qua non of these rituals. The colors of the candles represent air, water, soil and fire elements.
In the festival, the eternal life cycle is emphasized and those who live in the past and the ancestors are mentioned. Prayers are prayed for future harvests to be fertile.
The Samhain festival is a Celtic Pagan tradition. After Samhain, the life outside is limited, life will continue intensively in the household.
Samhain is the main source of Halloween celebrations, which can be considered as the ancestor of the future.
Samhain tables are part of the festival to build traditional tables and prepare a special menu for this day. Samhain menus are mainly meat. Orange -colored vegetables and fruits such as zucchini are among those who decorate the tables. A black tablecloth is preferred for the table layout and plates and glasses are placed on the table for lost.
“Is the game or sugar?” The representative sentence of Halloween “is the game or sugar?” It also takes its source from Samhain.
According to the tradition, children represent their ancestors and bless the houses they visit. The candies collected from visited houses symbolize the foods that are harvested, stacked and consumed during the winter.

Pagan Traditions: Like Samhaine & Beleta Samhain, Beltine is one of the most important days according to the shaman’s future and shaman calendar. Belta is the time when the first blooming arrival of the first spring was celebrated. Beltaine celebrations are held on May 1. It is celebrated with dances and songs.
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