How to break a pikan walnut? How to sort out? Pikan walnut is a nutshell that has been grown in our country for a while with high nutrition and flavor. It is a less oily species than normal walnut. It is a great antioxidant. Vitamin and mineral storage is recommended that this nuts consume children of developmental age. The shell of the pican walnut is also very thin compared to the normal walnut. You can easily break the two picked walnuts by pressing each other in your hand. Some types of picked walnuts are difficult to get through the shell. It breaks down after breaking. If you want the interior to leave without disintegration, it is recommended that you use walnut breaking. When breaking the pican walnut, it is necessary not to suppress too much and be polite. Tip: How to break a picker walnut? If you want to remove the pikan walnut from its shell in a whole, gently crack from both ends, not from a single end, and remove the shells broken with your hand. Here are all trading steps: Tip: How to break a pican walnut? There is another trick to remove the pikan walnuts from the shell. In this method, picked walnuts are kept in a container of water for 5-6 hours. The picker walnuts you remove from the water will easily be separated from the shell. During this process, only the amount of walnut you will consume in water. Weights, wet the amount of picked walnuts you can not consume, waiting for your walnuts to deteriorate and mold. Pikan walnut trick is a product that easily stale after leaving the picker walnut shell. Roasting, salting processes extend the stale of walnuts. However, such procedures reduce the flavor and quality of pican walnuts and cause a decrease in nutritional values. For this reason, it is recommended that you buy picke walnuts with shells. Pikan walnuts in the shelled state do not stale for a long time under appropriate conditions and maintain its freshness. It should be ensured that walnuts are stored in dry, moisture -free, direct sun. It is recommended that you break the walnuts you buy, gradually and in the amounts you will consume. You can safely buy first quality, 100%domestic production shelled walnuts via our address. Our walnuts are produced, harvested and stored in our province of Muğla without the support of agricultural drugs. [button link = “ You can follow our Instagram page.