Lemon olive oil is a gourmet flavor that you can prepare with two simple materials. Infusion oil flavored with lemon is one of the most popular infusion oils with rosemary, garlic and orange olive oil.
InfuED oils can be considered as brewing together with fresh plants and fruits.
At the end of the process, lemons give oil color, aroma and flavor.
This aromatic oil prepared can be evaluated in a wide range of recipes.
Salad sauces, grilled fish and other seafood, grilled chicken and grilled vegetables, cheese and yogurt… The first thing that comes to mind to evaluate this oil.
Lemon oil is very compatible with steam asparagus, grilled octopus, shrimp saute.
You can easily prepare and bottled in your own kitchen at home, you can store lemon olive oil for 2 weeks in the freshest form. This period can be extended up to 1 month. The storage should be done in the glass jar in the refrigerator.
How to make lemon infusion olive oil? Materials
1 Medium -sized Lemon -It is important that we will use the outer shell of thelim.
1 cup cold squeezed olive oil
1 clove of garlic, 2 branches of rosemary or extra orange shells
Preparation of
Wash the lemons well and remove the outer shell from the aqueous part with the help of a peel. Make sure that when you do this, lemon does not take the inner white parts. For this process, only the outer yellow parts of the lemon are required. White parts give oil an unpleasant bitterness.
It will be convenient to cut the shells properly in long strips.
Then let’s put lemon peels and cold squeezed olive oil in a small pot.
Let’s start heating these two ingredients over a little-medium heat.
Make sure you don’t open the furnace too much! And certainly don’t boil the oil!
Heat the olive oil together with lemon shells for 10 minutes without reaching the boiling point.
If you see small bubbles on the pan edge, it indicates that the oil is very close to the boiling point.
At this point, cut the bottom of the ceiling thoroughly.
When the 10 -minute heating time is over, turn off the stove and allow lemon oil to cool at room temperature.
When your oil is cooled, strain the lemon peels, bottle your oil and store it in the refrigerator.
Enjoy your meal!
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