Lemon salt ritual is a simple method used for the energy cleaning of households and other spaces. Lemon and salt cleaner are also natural substances.
The fresh smell of lemon also helps the environment becomes more vivid and energizing.
Lemon salt ritual is ideal for people who do not like to burn incense, especially in indoor spaces. Let’s take a closer look at the lemon and salt ritual, which offers you a smoke -free option for energy cleaning.
How to Make Lemon Salt Ritual? The things you need for this are 1 lemon and 1 coffee cup as salt.
Although rock salt is generally preferred, salts such as thinnest extraction or sea salt and Himalayan salt will also do your job.
In addition, you can add 1 black candle to your ritual.
You can do this simple ritual in the room you use most or in a room where you are not satisfied with the energy, in a room where you do not feel good.
You can also apply separately in all rooms of your home at different times.
Let’s come to prepare lemon and salt:
Divide a clean lemon into four equal parts. Put it in a small plate. In the meantime, specify your intention to clean the energy aloud or from you.
Pour the salt on the lemon you cut. In the meantime, focus on your intention.
Your intention sentences are special for you. Express yourself in the way you want.
Orum I’m cleaning this area. I am free of past energies. ”
“I expel negative energies and fill the place with joy and love”
You can position your lemon and salt -filled plate in a corner of your home or in your ritual corner.
Lemon and salt should usually stop in your home for at least 1 day.
You can keep the time much longer if you want.
You can check when your lemon is.
If you notice that your lemon is dry, the cleaning is completed.
If your lemon has started to mold instead of drying, you may want to renew the ritual. Instead of hosting the moldy lemon and salt next to more households, it is a good idea to remove it directly from the house and throw it out outside.
Lemon is used for love rituals as well as energy cleaning with love rituals.
In this ritual, black pepper is accompanied by lemon.
The intent is written on a sheet of paper, read and folded and closed after being closed and placed in a lemon carved with grain pepper and covered with foil.
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