Aster flower is a perennial plant that blooms colorful flowers with a wide variety of subtypes. It is also known as Yıldızpatı.
Aster Flower Latinte: Aster Amelus Star Flower and Katmerli Star Flower are also from the aster family.
A mythological flower means aster blossom, it means stars. It represents love and wisdom. This flower, which is based on ancient Greek, also has a place in Greek mythology.
The colors of aster flower are very diverse. There are white, pink, purple, eflatun and even blue asters.
The leaves of some species are star -shaped, while others have more rounded leaves.
The asters are very durable, long -lasting and fragrant.
They are suitable for growing in pots or garden.
Starspathians do not like the sun too much, so the summer flowers slowly start to fade. In autumn, colorful flowers reoperate and color your house and garden.
Aster said that there are a wide variety of species. Hybrid species and wild aster species are also fully compatible with nature. It is much easier to grow and maintain wild species.
Aster flowers, bees and butterflies are also one of the favorite species. It also has an important place in ecological life.
How to plan aster flower? Yıldızpatı flowers love moist regions, especially where summer months are cool. They prefer low night temperatures.
Because of this, the asters should be planted in shadow places that do not take direct suns and less affected by the heat of noon. This planting place is very important especially for the survival of the flower.
Plant soil should always be moist. Particularly in rainless summer periods, irrigation should be performed at least once a week.
Flowers can be divided to improve the quality of the flower every 2-3 years.
Aster flower reproduction
Reproduction with seeds is the most common and easy method. Starspaths multiply by throwing seeds on their own. Seedlings of this flower can also be obtained from markets, florists with easy and affordable price.

When is the aster flower planted? After the danger of frost, young aster flowers can be planted in the garden and open land in spring.
If you want to take the fully mature flowers you grow in the pot, the best time for this job will be autumn months.
If you are going to grow from seeds, you can make the first germination during the winter months at home. When it comes to spring, you can move the plants to their original places.
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