Face massage; It is a traditional method where you can apply at home on your own or get support from a professional.
This technique is basically stimulating the pressure points on the face, neck and even shoulders.
Facial massage can be made with simple hand application or Gua Sha Tach, Jade Roles.
Using various herbal natural oils during application can increase the effect and relax.
What are the benefits of facial massage? Massage regularly and stable helps relax the stretched facial muscles.
Accelerates blood flow.
It supports the elasticity of the skin and gives you a tighter and more young -looking skin.
Facial massage types are varied. Lymphatic drainage, reflexology, Shiatsu… Some of them are.
Kneading, folding, pinching, vibration… are some of the facial massage techniques.
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How to Make Facial Massage at Home? How to Make Facial Massage by Hand? Before you start, clean your hands and entire face and clean well.
Apply a small amount of vegetable oil or vegetable oil to your hands.
Oil will also help you use your hands more easily.
Your impacts should be gentle but pronounced during the application.
Repeat each stroke at least 5 times.
Let’s talk about a few simple techniques that you can choose for face massage:
Move your fingers on your temples with a circular movement.
Start from your chin and move towards your forehead, fill the edges of your face completely.
Press your ring fingers on your eyebrow bone and slide them down.
Then do the same movement under your eyes.
Using your thumb and index finger, press to the outer corners of your eyebrows. Gently squeeze your eyebrows while moving to the inner corner.
Press your fingers in the middle of your eyebrows. From there to your temples.
Sign to the bottom of your cheekbones and press with your middle fingers. From there, move on to your temples.
Massage the area under your ear lobes with a circular movements.
Press your neck using the outside of your pinky fingers. Slide from bottom to top.
Gently hit all parts of your face with your fingertips. Then gently pinch the fleshy areas of the skin.

How many minutes is the face massage? How much will it take? This time is up to you. The duration of your massage may be limited to 5 minutes or may cover up to 20 minutes.

Which oil is used for facial massage? The answer to this problem will vary depending on your skin type.
You can use a single oil for massage or you can choose a mixture containing various natural oils.
For sensitive skin:
Blue flower oil, yellow centaury oil, sweet almond oil can be preferred.
For mature skin:
Rosehip seed oil, argan oil, pomegranate seed oil will be ideal.
For mixed skin:
Pomegranate seed oil, rosehip seed oil, houd oil can be preferred.
For oily skin:
Hz absorbed, light oils should be preferred. Apricot seed oil, olive oil, aspir oil, continental oil will be ideal.
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