The wheat grass is obtained by germination of unprecedented wheat. Wheat grass contains plenty of chlorophyll, mineral and vitamins. It is one of the most powerful cancer fighters in nature. The very special, cancer fighter called Laetril contains a substance. Wheat grass helps to purify the toxicities in the blood. [Button Link = “ How to prepare this miracle grass? How to germinate wheat? Wheat germination is a process that we can do in our own house, which is not very laborious. The most important point to be considered is that the wheat to be germinated is medication -free, local, horsemen wheat. Most wheat sold in the markets does not have these qualities and has lost their germination ability. [Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] wheat germination wheat should be soaked one night before germinating. The wheat remaining in the water one night will germinate much more easily.
For wheat wetted one night in water, the next day, a deeper tray is laid.
Wheats are randomly sprinkled on the peat. The soil should be completely covered with wheat so that it is not too excessive.
The wheat is covered with 2-3 cm thick peat. The peat thickness should not be more.
The soil of the wheat should always be kept moist but excessive irrigation should not be performed.
Thirsty seeds do not germinate, extremely irrigated seeds mold.
It is ideal to irrigate with fishes in the morning and evening.
Wheats explode in a very short time and begin to germinate. Wheat grass reaching 10-15 cm can be consumed by cutting with scissors and water can be squeezed.
Wheat grate juice germinate and reaching 10-15 cm wheat can be squeezed with the help of a blender or slow juicer after being politely cut with scissors. When passing through the blender, some water should be added to the grass. Wheat grate juice can be consumed alone or with orange juice or other green leafy vegetables such as celery and parsley. Cold squeezing into the wheat juice 1. Quality olive oil and turmeric can be added and the healing can be increased from the grass. How much should the wheat grass water be drunk? Wheat water can be consumed daily. It should not be consumed more than 1 glass of water per day. Excessive drinking wheat juice disturbs the stomach and causes vomiting. [Button Link = “ Those who do not have time to germinate with soil and those who do not have space can also prepare a must -have wheat must. 1 cup of drug -free wheat for wheat must be taken into a jar.
3 cups of chlorine -free drinking water are added to the wheat. The mouth of the jar is closed with a cheesecloth, not with the lid and left to rest for 24 hours.
At the end of 24 hours, wheats are rinsed beautifully and the water is not drunk.
The rinsed wheats are taken back to the jar and 3 cups of drinking water are added again and rested again for 24 hours.
At the end of 24 hours, wheats are ready for consumption. Can be added to salads. The water of the wheat is shrinking. This is drinking.
It is known that the mothers who want to become pregnant with wheat grate water pregnancy relationship drink wheat grass water and provide benefits. For pregnancy, wheat water is used regularly so that it does not exceed one glass of water per day. In this way, wheat grass water cure is applied. [Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] Wheat grate dust [/button] wheat grass is made of wheat? For wheat grass, genetically unspoiled, unprocessed local and drug -free wheat should be used. Atalık seed, without medication, you can buy and consume safely germination and consume. [Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] to our bulletin to be aware of our current product and price lists, campaigns, informative articles You can subscribe and follow our Instagram page. “What is Karakılçık wheat, genetically unspoiled wheat?” Click to browse our article.