Milk foods are vital for the baby that breast milk is sufficient. It is possible to increase breast milk with natural foods, foods, recipes, drinks, teas, cures and plants. Foods that increase breast milk are one of the most important nutrients that increase breast milk. Dry fig
Dry mulberry
Dry apricot is the most milk -increasing dried fruits.
Dry apricot contains a substance called triptophane. Triptophane is a triggering of the prolactin hormone that provides milk production. The reason why dry fruits have a positive effect on milk production is that they contain high calcium and magnesium. Green leafy vegetables also increase breast milk. Spinach
black cabbage
Lettuce is one of these vegetables.
These nutrients rich in calcium, iron and vitamin A improve the quality of milk. Parsley among green vegetables is an exception. Parsley is a food that is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers. In order to increase milk, green leafy vegetables should not contain pesticides. It is recommended to consume raw or steam in these vegetables to get high yields. Over -cooking, roasting yields from vegetables are low. Oils that increase breast milk quality cold squeezing vegetable oils have milk -forming effect. Cold squeezed olive oil
Cold Squeeze Sesame Oil
Cold squeezing flax seed oil happens to these oils.
Does almond make milk? Yes, almonds and many other nuts are milk -enhancing foods. Almond
It improves the amount and quality of the milk of 3-4 walnuts or 10 almonds and hazelnuts breastfeeding consumed daily. Does tahini make milk? Yes, tahini makes milk. Tahini molasses mixture, tahini halva is recommended to increase milk. Sesame paste and sesame seeds have a milk -enhancing effect such as tahini. [Button link = “ Yes, tahini halva, such as tahini, also has a milk -forming effect. Tahini halva can be consumed during the breastfeeding period without overdoing. Fennel tea is the head of these teas. Also: Nettle Tea
Chamomile tea is also milk -enhancing.
Herbal teas that increase milk should not be consumed continuously. [Button link = “ No, natural herbal teas consumed to make milk have no weight gain effect. However, the mixture created by mixing many different products and plants can have sugar or other chemical ingredients. It is necessary to be careful about consuming these teas. Foods that make milk without weight gain most of the nutrients that increase breast milk are also increasing the weight gain of the mother. Cumin
Green leafy vegetables (except parsley) do not cause weight gain while increasing breast milk.
Foods that reduce breast milk excess salt consumption has a negative effect on breast milk. Pickle with intense salt content
Turnip juice is one of the most recommended foods for breastfeeding mothers.
Intensive sugar consumption such as salt should also be avoided. Foods that do not make milk are foods mentioned above, but do not gas the mother and the baby. Some nutrients are breast milk enhancer, but also has a gas -forming effect. Therefore, intensive consumption is not recommended. Pulses especially (lentils and beans)
Since cauliflower will make gas, breastfeeding mothers are one of the most important nutrients.
And it should not be forgotten that breastfeeding mothers should consume plenty of water, should not be dehydrated. Water is the most important factor that increases breast milk. You can safely buy the most natural and unadulterated dried fruits, nuts, tahini and molasses that increase breast milk from [Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now review [/button] You can subscribe to our bulletin to be aware of our current product and price lists, campaigns, informative articles and follow our Instagram page.