How to mature bananas?
If you are wondering how we can quickly renew the green and hard bananas that are not fully matured yet!
How to mature bananas? How to yellow banana at home? You may already know the first method. This method is not very fast, but gives good results:
Put the green and hard bananas on the pouch paper. Add an apple or avocado next to the bananas. Close the mouth of the pouch paper and store it as warm as possible.
Do not choose to use nylon bags instead of pouch paper. This won’t work.
Do not put the pouch paper in the refrigerator, at room temperature, store in a warm corner of the house.
With this method, the maturation of bananas will usually last for 1 day – sometimes 2 days.
If you need mature bananas immediately, this method may not see your job.
In that case you can choose the baking method:
The oven temperature will activate the natural sugar in the banana and provide quick maturation.
How to mature bananas? Heat the oven at 140-150 degrees.
Place the bananas you will ripen on the baking sheet where you laid greasy paper.
Do not peel the bananas during this process!
Heat the bananas in the oven for 15 minutes. If your bananas are too big, the time may be a little more.
When the bananas mature, their color will completely turn brown and the bananas will soften.
The furnace method gives a very beautiful result in semi -mature bananas. However, if the bananas are completely green and raw, they will not give good results.

Banana Recipes: What to do with frozen bananas? Mature and soft bananas can be evaluated with a wide variety of recipes.
Banana bread, banana cupcake, banana pancakes, banana muffins are the first of these recipes. All of these recipes are practical and delicious.

Can the banana be thrown into the freezer? How to throw it? It is possible to store mature bananas in the freezer for a long time.
After separating the bananas from the shells, you can throw them into the freezer without an extra process.
When you use it, remove the bananas from the freezer and wait until it is solved. You can then use the bananas you crushed with a fork in your recipes.
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