Moon juice is usually kept in the full moon light and is pure water that contains the strong energy of the full moon.
What is Moon Water? Preparing the moon juice and using this water is a ritual extending to ancient times. It is thought that the origin of the ritual extends to the 1800s.

When is the moon juice done?
Full moon water
Aysuyu is usually prepared at full full moon time. The reason for this is that the moon is believed to be at the summit at this stage. However, it is of course possible to prepare the moon water in other stages of the month.
However, there is only one time to prepare aysuyu. It is the time of eclipse, as expected. Moon water making, find a jar or bottle where you can maintain your water. Fill this container with clean water. If you want, you can add some unrelated rock salt.
It would be better to have rain water.
The jar to be used is usually visible and is preferred as glass.
If you plan to drink water, the water should definitely be suitable for it and should be treated more precisely in the storage.
The mouth of the water can be left open or the jar can be closed. It is recommended to turn off if it is to be drunk.

Place your jar directly in a place with moonlight. The window edge or balcony will be ideal for this job.
You can pray while preparing your moon water and placing it in place.
It is also a good idea to think and focus on which intention to use this water.
You can get support from your precious stones to strengthen your water extra. For this, it is sufficient to place your crystals on your jar.
It can be preferred especially due to lunar stone and quartz energy cleaner properties.
If you have prepared the jar and left the moonlight directly to a place and determined your intention, everything is almost okay.
Leave it to rest for one night to make the water fill with the energy of the moon. Your moon will be ready to use your moon in the morning!
What is done with moon juice? Moon juice ritual energy cleaning AYSUYU is a versatile energy. You can evaluate it in a wide range of ways.
You can use your water for energy cleaning for the household. To do this, you will be able to drop a few drops of cleaning water. Especially in the dark and dusty areas that do not receive sun.
By watering your plants with this water, you can share this high energy with them. This water will give vitality to your flowers and other plants.
You can use your moon water in the bathroom. You can choose this water for rinsing. In this way, you can also heal physically with your water.
Charging your natural stones!
One of the most commonly used forms of moon water is, of course, to clean and charge natural stones.
However, be careful not to use it in some precious stones that should not come into contact with water.
Is the moon water drink? AYSUYU can be prepared with drinkable water and kept well during the resting phase.
You can consume your moon water directly or you can evaluate it when brewing natural herbal teas.
This method promises you from inside to external purification and renewal with the energy of the moon.

What are the benefits of moon juice? AYSUYU is used for renewal, energetic refresh and purification rituals. It is possible to evaluate this water in different forms. AYSUYU can be included in rituals at every stage from a mental purification to a physical purification.
It is believed that this special water, which is fed with moonlight all night, has an increasing effect of creativity. This water can even be made part of creative experiences. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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