Capari Pickle Capari; It is a wild plant that grows in the regions where the Mediterranean climate is halim, in the provinces of the Aegean and Mediterranean – especially in the coastline. The cable grows between the rocks on the sides of the steep slopes facing the sea. It is a plant that loves the sun very much. The cable fruit is often consumed by establishing like pickles. In addition, cable tea, cable jam is made. [Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] Capari Pickle How to Make Pickle? Like collecting the cable fruit, making a caper pickle is a laborious and demanding job. It is necessary to follow the following process steps. The construction of the pickle is spread for a wide time. Ingredients for cabinet pickles
1 kg of semi-ripen fruit (bud cable or watermelon cabin can be preferred.) 4-5 bay leaves (prevents mold and deterioration of pickles.) Water (absolutely chlorine fountain water should not be used.) -50-g/”Color =” Red “Newwindow =” Yes “] Capecase
Kapari Pickle: How to resolve the pain of the cabin? Caparies are taken into a large container, adding enough water to pass on them. This water is replaced twice a day. The water replacement process continues until the bitter taste and smell of the fruit. This period may take up to 1 week and 10 days. You will see that the bitter smell of the fruit is gone over time, and there will be some change in its color. When the bitter taste and smell of the fruit comes out, the cabins are thoroughly rinsed and taken to jars. Coriquet and garlic can be added to the jar. 1 liter of drinking water, 1 tea glass of homemade apple cider vinegar, 4 tablespoons coarse rock salt is mixed well and pickle brine juice is prepared. The prepared brine water is added to the jar so that it passes over the caps. In order to prevent molding of the last pickle, the laurel leaves are placed on top of the jar and the jar cover is closed with a technique of 3 forward and 1 back. Jars are taken to rest in a cool place that does not take directly beautiful. Over time, the cabins soften, change color and become ready to eat. [Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] It is not a suitable fruit to be consumed. The unrelated charm is a poisonous plant. The cable fruit is only suitable for processed consumption. In order to avoid caper poisoning, it is necessary to consume the captain as only pickles and jams. Unconsciously collect the cable and avoid consuming! Capariler gathered from steep mountainous land during the season, was prepared for you with all the process steps. You can safely purchase the pickled watermelon cabin and bud cabinet at Capari Pickle; Used in pizzas, salads, sandwiches. It can be served as a garnish next to the meat. “What is the cable? What are the benefits of the cap?” Click to browse our article!
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