Muğla Kebab Soup is a very laborious and patience flavor prepared with less material.
It is also referred to as a juicy kebab or in short as Muğla kebab. It is one of Muğla’s registered products.
Muğla kebab prepared without training, such as soup, such as juicy is served as the main course. The exquisite flavored in it is satisfying with soft capricorn meat.
Where to Eat Muğla Kebab? This traditional soup, which is not only for tourists, is served from the early hours of the morning at Muğla’s artisan restaurants. There are restaurants that make Muğla kebab in Muğla in the bazaar.
The main material of Muğla kebab is Capricorn as mentioned above. If Capricorn cannot be found depending on the season, it is also prepared with lamb meat or beef meat.
In addition to Capricorn meat, a small amount of tail oil adds flavor to the flavor of this soup.
In some kitchens, additional onions are used. However, according to the most classic tariff, Muğla Kebab soup consists of only Capricorn meat, tail oil and water.
Watery kebab is traditionally served with abundant black pepper.
If you eat your soup from the tradesmen restaurants in Muğla and if the black pepper is not suitable for your taste, we recommend that you specify in advance.
Muğla Kebab is often presented with Ramadan pita, lemon and dried Muğla pepper instead of normal bread.
[Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] Muğla kebab at very low temperatures up to 12-15 hours It is prepared by cooking in tandoor. But since it will be difficult to provide this in the home environment, we will share with you a simpler, practical but very tasty recipe!
Muğla Kebab Soup Recipe Ingredients
2 kg of bone Capricorn meat
300 gr inner oil
Enlarge the soil container at the bottom and at the top of the inner oil to place your meat and oil well.
Cook your meat in the soil container in a 170 degree oven for 2 hours.
Remove the container at the end of 2 hours and leave to rest at room temperature for 20-30 minutes.
Add enough drinking water to pass on the rested meats and apply your ground container back to the oven.
Set up the oven a little more, check the meat occasionally and cook for more than 1 hour.
Your meats cooked over 3 hours over 3 hours will be divided into a shift, and the palate will have a cracking flavor.
Serve the meat in water. Do not forget the pita, lemon and dried pepper you will offer. ENJOY YOUR MEAL!
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