Lamy midwife mushroom or belly midwife, belly mushroom, sour memet, liar lamb belly, brain mushroom names known as the name of the Latin Gyromitra Esculenta is a very poisonous kind of mushroom.
Lambie midwife may have fatal effects. It is definitely not suitable for food consumption. It is one of the types of mushrooms that cannot be collected.
Belly midwife mushroom, a delicious and edible species, is common in the land where the lamb belly mushroom grows.
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Like the mushroom of lamb belly, mushroom mushrooms like sandy soil lands, the bottoms of pine trees, the moist forests and grows in a common way in these regions.
Some types of mushrooms can be mixed by some unconscious collectors, and this confusion may be very inconvenient results!
The reason why this fungus is toxic is the name of girotoxin. How this mysterious matter poisoned people still maintains its mystery. But there is a known fact that it is completely carcinogenic and attacks the red blood cells in the body and destroys them.
The first symptoms of belly midwife poisoning; stomach pain, intense sweating and vomiting, dizziness. Following these first symptoms, there are cases that result in coma or death.
5-7 days after the consumption of mushrooms, poisoning cases resulting in death were observed.
Girotoxin, which is contained in this fungus, negatively affects the central nervous system. Damage the liver and kidneys.
The amount of poison contained in the fungus may vary according to the area where it grows.
How does the poisonous lamb belly look like midwife? There is a red brown hat part. This head is quite curved, it can remind you of a brain image.
The length of the hat part varies between 4 and 12 cm.

When the fake lamb belly mushroom lamb belly midwife is divided into two, it is seen that the interior is not completely empty. This feature is a way to distinguish the fake lamb belly and the truth. The real lamb belly mushroom is completely empty.
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