Katuki, Kadugurohini, Kurroa or Kutki is a traditional plant in mountainous lands in India. It is common in Himalayla and grows itself.
Latin name: Picrorhiza Kurroa
This plant has an important place in Ayuverda medicine. The root parts of the plant, which is quite rare, are valuable.
Although Katuki roots are not one of the most commonly known plants such as turmeric and ginger, Ayurvedic is recognized and used by those who are interested in medicine.
The taste of this coke plant is quite painful and it is used only for healing purposes, not for its flavor.
https://egepazarindan.com/tulsi-cayi-faydalari- nasil- kullanililililir/ What are the benefits of? In Ayurveda medicine, the plant is widely used to reduce body temperature.
The plant is thought to have strong antipyretic properties that calm and fight inflammation that raises sudden tremor and body temperature.
For this purpose, it is used in India with warm water or plain oil (GHEE). Or it is added to the food after being completely dusty.
It is also known that air pollution is used to get rid of respiratory complaints caused by seasonal transitions or viral infections.
Plant can naturally help to discharge irritating substances out of the body.
Just like turmeric, it has the effects of calming the skin. It is rich in antioxidants that rapidly act on skin infections, wounds and redness.
In addition, several studies argue that the clerk may be a potential remedy in the treatment of common skin problems such as psoriasis and vitiligo.
In addition, the roots of the box of the box are considered as an important detoxification and liver friend.
It is among the allegations related to the plant that can support weight loss and accelerate metabolism.

What are the damages of the box? This traditional bitter plant filled with strong bioactive components does not have a recorded side effect when used correctly.
However, the box taken at an overdose; vomiting, redness, loss of appetite, diarrhea, dizziness, headache, abdominal pain and itching.
Since there is not enough reliable information about the effects of pregnancy and lactation, pregnant women and lactating women should avoid using this plant root without medical supervision.
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