How to understand quality olive oil? The question is a question to the tamper of everyone who consumes olive oil.
It is not difficult to distinguish quality, genuine olive oil from the fraudulent and poor quality.
Olive oil; It offers you quality with its smell, texture, color and consistency.
How to understand genuine olive oil? How to understand quality olive oil? The best quality olive oil branch is obtained from the oil of the olives harvested by hand without any machine.
If the olives are politely collected from the branch one by one without being damaged and falling to the ground, and if they are bored without losing time, the top quality olive oil is obtained.
How to understand quality olive oil?
How many degrees is cold squeezing?
Quality olive oil is absolutely obtained with cold squeezing. The temperature is between 25 degrees and 28 degrees during cold squeezing.
Under these temperatures, the unique fatty acids of olives are not damaged and do not lose their quality.
Olive oil is not easily degraded, but it is a product that loses its quality and quality as long as it waits.
For this reason, it is important to note that the olive oil you buy is not bored in the same season, ie on a date older than 1 year.
How to understand quality olive oil? Does good olive oil freeze? The stuffing of olive oil does not give clear information about olive oil alone.
However, it should be known that quality olive oil is frozen and blurred in the cold. This never points to low quality.

How is good olive oil color? How to understand broken olive oil? The color of quality olive oil may vary.
The smell of heavy soil in olive oil, the smell of heavy sour or mold indicates an obvious deterioration.
The color of olive oil is directly related to the harvest time.
Early harvest olive oil is not yellow, almost green; Olive green color.
Early harvest olive oil is harvested and squeezed in September-October-November.
Early harvesting olive oil has a low acidic degree. It is higher flavored, a little more “bitter” taste.
Early harvest time bored olive oil is the most valuable olive oil. Rawly suitable for consumption, drinkable olive oil. It is frequently used in salads.

How is olive oil stored? How to keep it? The ideal temperature to store olive oil is between 15 degrees and 18 degrees.
Storing in plastic packages should not be done.
Storing it in glass bottles is the ideal method.
Olive oil is likely to deteriorate if it is exposed to direct sun, water, light or high temperatures.

Oxygen exposure, that is, in open mouth containers, the swelling also causes deterioration.
Olive oil without filter is not filtered olive oil is very valuable. It is normal for them to be in a more blurred image.
But the shelf life of these -free olive oil is very short. Therefore, high amounts of purchases are not recommended. In long -term waiting, there is a loss of quality with obvious pain and bad odor.
How long should olive oil without filter be consumed? Olive oil without filter is about 3 months from production. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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