Keratin; It is a kind of structural protein that we need for healthier hair, nails and healthier skin.
This protein can be synthesized spontaneously in our body with the support we will receive from outside.
It can get support from various nutrients to increase the production of keratin in our body.
to prevent hair loss,
Strengthen frequent and easy -broken nails,
It is very important for a more vivid and healthy skin texture.
So, which nutrients should we consume more frequently to increase the production of keratin?
Which nutrients contain the highest level keratin?
Foods containing biotin and keratin salmon
Salmon is a unique source of protein. It also leads to foods that support keratin and biotin production.
Biotin is a basic food in the synthesis of keratin.
Regular consumption of salmon accelerates hair growth, increases hair density and slows hair loss.
Onion is a sine qua non of home cooking and is a unique and easily accessible food in keratin production.
Onion also contains folate, a fundamental micro nutrient, which is also necessary to maintain healthy hair follicles.
Daily egg consumption is the easiest way to support the production of keratin.
In addition to keratin, eggs are also one of the foods including biotin selenium, riboflavin vitamin A and vitamin B12.
Sunflower seeds
Sunflower seed is a source of biotin and protein that supports keratin production.
In addition, vitamin E is rich in various micro nutrients, including copper, selenium and pantotenic acid.
Foods that remove hair garlic
Garlic like onions contains amino acids that support keratin production of your body.
There are various studies that support wound healing, fight infections and slow down the negative effects of aging.
Garlic; It also contains manganese, vitamin B6 and vitamin C.
Beef liver
Beef liver is one of the most concentrated biotin sources.
85 g cooked beef contains a large amount of biotin to meet all your daily needs.
Carrot is among the herbal -based nutrients to support your keratin production.
Supports hair, skin and nail health.
Contains intense vitamin C. It accelerates wound healing. Removes inflammation.

Shampoos containing keratin claim to make keratin shampoos, hair conditioners and hair serums more powerful against hair damage.
They also claim that they can repair hair wear due to the use of heat and hair dye.
If you want to buy keratin from such products, the point you should pay attention to is that keratin should be in the “Hydro Lisat” form.
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