The positive effects of Aloe Vera plant on health have been known for years. This special plant is frequently used especially for small burns and cuts. But the benefits of this miracle plant are not limited to this. Aloevera has the virtue of fighting inflammation in and outside the body, ie ilthap!
Inflammation can adversely affect the human body in two different ways: acute and chronic.
Acute inflammation begins quickly, concentrates in a short time and typically disappears after a few days. If you hit your knee somewhere, the possible response will be acute inflammation.
Chronic inflammation may last for years. It usually occurs in response to toxins and other chemicals and to respond to autoimmune attacks.
How does the aloe vera plant fight inflammation? Aloevera stimulates the immune system and accelerates tissue regeneration.
It activates white blood cells and fights inflammation.
Aloevera also has antiviral and antibacterial effects.

How to use aloe vera? Aloevera is a gel consistency. This natural gel is suitable for daily use and can be applied to the skin twice a day, especially in the morning and evening, especially in a thin layer of damaged areas.

Is aloe vera applied to babies? In infants, aloevera can be used against rash formation. Gel can be applied in a thin layer of rash areas and wait for half an hour, then rinsed politely with warm water.
Aloe Vera gel is applied to the genitals? Aloevera gel is preferred with its natural welding properties that do not contain harmful chemicals and can be applied to the genitals.

Is Aloevera gel sold in pharmacies? Aloe Vera gel can be found in pharmacies. However, the products sold in pharmacies are usually a mixture product and contain other products other than Aloevera. Some of these products are chemical, not organic.
If the mixture product is not desired to be used, this special plant can be grown in the home environment and after reaching a certain age, the leaves can be used directly by cutting.

Aloevera use for acne can be applied on acne with the help of cotton. This plant, which is especially suitable for use in oily skin, regulates the oil balance of the skin.
In people with very dry skin, “Aloe Vera dried my skin” complaint.
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