What is Indian asparagus, also known as Shatavari? Where does it grow? What are the healing properties? In this article, we will find answers to questions about Indian asparagus, which has a very special and healing biki!
What is Indian asparagus? Asparagus Racemosus adaptogen is a kind of plant. It grows in India, Himalayas, Australia and in some parts of the African continent. Ayurveda reaps an important role for Shatavari plant.
The use of the roots of the plant as a tonic is common. It is known for its positive effects on reproduction especially for men and women.
It is frequently used with Ashwagandha.
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Indian asparagus and women’s health have a positive effect on reproductive health of this special plant.
Hormones are balancing.
The libido increases sexual desire.
It takes general fatigue and fatigue.
In response to the question of how the menstrual pain passes, Indian Asparagus Extra may be a good response. This extract can be preferred in powder, liquid and capsule form.
Indian asparagus has a strong effect on reducing the symptoms of PMS and menopause, especially pain and pain.
It is very effective in getting rid of complaints such as hot flashes, brain fog or blur, vaginal dryness and night sweating during menopause and menopausal period.
It has an effect that increases the amount and quality of breast milk. It gives consistency to milk.
Shatavari regulates estrogen production and helps to balance the pH of the vagina.

What are the benefits of Indian asparagus? What does Shawari do? Antioxidant -rich, anti -inflammatory benefits of this plant are not limited to women’s health.
Strengthens immune and digestive systems.
Cough relievers. Indian asparagus is often used especially to alleviate water cough.
Edema is deceiving. Especially in my menstrual period, the accumulated payment is effective against.
It is effective against kidney stones. In particular, it is thought that the extraordinary asparagus in extra form helps to prevent renal stone formation and development.
It has natural antidepressant properties. According to a study conducted in 2009, some antioxidants in Indian asparagus have natural antidepressant properties!
According to the newly dated research, the root of the Shatavari plant can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
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