Egg codes are codes that should be located on each egg we buy and provide detailed information about the quality of the egg.
These codes are actually a legal obligation. Against this, it is possible to come across the eggs without codes, even in markets, even in markets.
It is not recommended to purchase such coded and non -known eggs.
Where does the egg code write? The codes must be stamped on each egg in the package. In addition, some companies also press this code on the box to provide some kind of convenience.

What do these codes mean? The codes include the phrase “TR” in a way that the eggs are produced in Turkey. Next to the phrase tr is located in the province where the production is made. Immediately after the plate code, there is the operating registration number of the farm where the eggs are produced.
In addition to these details, one of the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3 are written at the top of the code.
These four numbers give important details about the production style of the egg. For example, it is possible to understand whether the chickens producing live in cages or whether they are free -wandering chickens. The quality of the feed used in the nutrition of chickens can be easily understood with these codes.
Just below the code, the production date of the egg should be written. As of this date, the last consumption date of the egg is 28 days. neden-salyalanir/
Egg codes and meanings
Egg Codes 0
– Eggs coded with “0” are obtained by organic production. The feeds used are also organic certified again. Chickens cannot be given any hormones.
Egg Codes 1
It is the code of free -wandering chicken eggs. It means that chickens do not live in cages or poultry. There is no restriction on feeds and hormones used in the nutrition of chickens.
Egg Codes 2
It refers to the eggs of chickens shelons in the poultry. The chickens in the poultry are partially wandered and are not put in cages.
There is no restriction on feeds and hormones used in the nutrition of chickens.
Egg Codes 3
It refers to eggs that are sold at the cheapest price in the market and with the lowest quality. It is the eggs of chickens that never wander in cages. Eggs obtained as a result of a completely industrial production.
There is no restriction on feeds and hormones used in the nutrition of chickens.
What number does the organic egg code start? Eggs with a code that starts with “0” have an organic egg nature.

Do you have omega 3 in the egg? What is the egg omega-3 value? The egg is one of the omega-3-rich foods. Long chain contains omega-3 fatty acids. However, the amount of omega-3 contained in an egg shows great differences according to the nature. So much so that the amount of omega-3 in an egg may vary between 100 ml and 500 mg.
How to produce Omega 3 Eggs? All eggs naturally contain omega-3. However, some eggs are offered for sale with the label “enriched with omega-3”.
This means that linseed, algae or fish oil is added to a higher amount of fatty acids to the nutrition of the chickens.
In this way, it is aimed to make the eggs richer in omega-3. Selenium eggs are similarly obtained.
It is not known whether this process really works. There is not enough data on whether this is only a sales and advertising strategy.
Why are the egg colors different? Eggs can be of different colors and tones from white to dark and light brown.
These color changes are only related to the type of chicken.
Changing colors; The taste of the egg does not give any clues about the nutrition or quality of the chicken. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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