I have no energy, we’re sluggish. If you say I feel tired constantly, you know that you are not alone!
It is a widespread complaint in society to feel tired, without energy. This is the cause of fatigue that does not pass through insomnia, colds, such as a simple reason.
Or for one or more reasons that are more comprehensive and spread over a long time.
In most cases, a solution can be reached by dietary changes, rooted changes in lifestyle or relieving a disease under the basis of chronic fatigue.
However, the reasons can be very diverse!
https://egepazarindan.com/psiko-aromatherapi-Nedir-kokularin-gucu/ Let’s take a look at the reasons that may cause constant fatigue:
It causes constant fatigue? Inadequate and poor quality sleep
During sleep, a number of critical processes take place in the body, including cell repair and renewal.
At the end of sleep at high quality and sufficient time, renewed, dynamic, energetic feeling is removed.
Otherwise, chronic fatigue and low energy complaints are common.
Not enought feeding
Food inadequacies are also associated with a feeling of fatigue, such as sleep.
In particular, chronic fatigue due to vitamins B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin C, iron and magnesium is a common complaint.
Stress -related fatigue
Chronic stress brings chronic fatigue with it is not less encountered.
Moreover, fatigue due to chronic stress can cause advanced burnout syndrome.
In addition, chronic stress can cause structural and functional disorders in the brain.
Various Medical Situations
There may be a serious medical problem under the long -term reasons for unknown fatigue.
Sleep apnea, hypothyroidism, cancer, multiple sclerosis, anxiety disorders, kidney diseases, depression, diabetes and fibromyalgia are among the various diseases associated with chronic fatigue.
Nutrition habits
Very frequently processed food consumption, unhealthy and unbalanced nutrition is again associated with fatigue.
Excessive Caffeine Consumption
Consuming other drinks by drinking coffee and intense caffeine provides an instant energy to the body.
When this effect of caffeine ends, the work can be completely reversed.
Coffee and dense caffeine -based drinks disrupt sleep. A poor quality sleep can cause a much lower energy level the next day.
Inadequate water consumption
It is one of the most common causes of chronic fatigue not to consume as much water as necessary during the day and to leave the body dehydrated.
Eliminating this problem is the simplest. Providing the water required to your body on a daily basis can eliminate the feeling of chronic fatigue.
The amount of water you need to consume varies according to your age, gender, weight and daily activity intensity.
In addition to these reasons, various reasons such as alcohol and drug use, excess weight and obesity, various drugs, still life .. such as chronic, endless fatigue may be linked to the endless feeling of fatigue.

I have no energy, what should I do? If you suffer from such a chronic fatigue, what needs to be done is to discover the source of this problem.
It can often be very difficult to reach the source of the problem. In such cases, it will be smart to get support from a health professional.
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