Albanian cream is a traditional type of cream used to open the skin color tone and have a white skin, as the name suggests of the name of the Bulgarian cream or the Bulgarian cream.
This cream is ready to be ready in pharmacies or transfers. Albanian creams prepared by various brands with various formulas are available on the market.
[Button Link = “” Color = “Red” Newwindow = “Yes”] It can be taken as well as various materials can be brought together at home. The recipe prepared at home has a very simple but functional formula.
In the content of the mind cream recipe:
Arbutin oil
Neven oil
There are natural products such as orange juice.
It is prepared by mixing all the ingredients of vaseline and lanolin and allowing to cool off from the room temperature. Preparation of Albanian cream in homes and using the skin to whiten the skin dates back to the Ottoman period. This formula, which is frequently used by Balkan women who are referred to with their white and smooth skin in the Ottoman Empire, is seen as their secret secret.
It is thought that the first person who puts this formula was Ibn Sina.
What are the benefits of mind cream to skin? Albanian cream does not only serve as skin bleaching cream.
Moreover; It can also eliminate the sunspots and freckles on the skin. This special formula eliminates tone differences in the skin over time and provides moisturizing to the skin.
The mental cream can also be used to support eczema and psoriasis diseases.
[Button Link = “” Color = “Red” Newwindow = “Yes”] ? Cream is easy to use. It is suitable for daily, morning and evening use. Massage the skin, feeding and application is done.

Albanian creams sold as a mercury cream can contain mercury. The negative effects of mercury on the health are very high. For this reason, without mercury products should be preferred.
Care should be very careful when using the products and products that are not sure of the content should not be used.
Albanian cream should be taken care of to buy and use original products.

Does Albanian cream damage the teeth? If you use the intense mercury albanian, yes intense mercury is absorbed from the skin and can damage the teeth.

How long does Albanian cream affect? Those who use Albanian cream observe that significant whitening and defects on the skin are disappeared in a period of 1.5 to 3 months, depending on the stains on the skin. Regular use is important.
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Attention! The mental cream should never be applied on open wounds. It is not suitable for the use of people who continue laser treatment.
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