Neem oil, rosary tree oil or nim oil; It is a natural oil used in a wide area extending from the drug industry to agriculture and cosmetics.
The Latin name is the essence of the plant which is indicted by Azadirachta.
The use of rosary tree oil emerges as a wolf as a natural product for those who avoid chemical solutions in the fight against pest.

How to obtain nim oil? Neem oil can be removed from various parts of the plant (leaf, body). However, insects and pests; Oils used in plants to combat fungi are usually obtained from the seed parts of the plant.
The reason for this is that the active substance called Azadirachin is at the highest rate in the seed parts.
Although the smell of the oil is not extremely disturbing, it is generally referred to as a “pleasant smell”.
How to use Neem Oil in Plants? The rosary tree oil gives very good results in the fight against plant pests when applied on plants without overdoing.
Excessive use can damage the plant.
In order to minimize the damage, the oil is diluted with water and applied to the plant.
The most ideal time for application is the afternoon hours and evening hours when the sun does not hit plants perpendicular to plants.
In addition, the plants should be taken to prevent damage to the application of oil, another precaution is not to be applied in very hot and very cold weather.
It is sufficient to apply the mixture prepared with water and neem oil to plants and leaves only once a week. This application will easily resolve pest and fungal problems.

Neem Oil Insecticide How to Make? The mixture can be easily prepared by adding 1 teaspoon of nim oil for 1 liter of water. It would be practical to take the mixture into a bottle with a spray and to apply it in this way.

What are Neem Oil Benefits to Skin? This valuable oil can be used not only for plant care but also in skin care routines.
To prevent acne formation,
Getting rid of acne traces,
Getting rid of infection -based complaints on the skin,
Slow the symptoms of aging,
Improving skin dryness and cracking due to intense cold exposure,
Rosary tree oil can be used on the skin to accelerate wound healing.

How to use Neem Oil for acne? Fat, which is especially suitable for acne and oily skin; It can be applied directly on pimples.
Neem, which is applied only to acne areas with the help of a earbar, is kept on the skin all night.
Likewise, with the earbar, direct application can be applied to areas with acne scars. You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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