Darülfulfül, also known as long pepper (long pepper) or Tbilisi pepper is a close relative of black pepper. Grows on a floral hanging plant.
Latin Name: Piper Longum and Piper Retrofactum
Darülfulfül used in world kitchens for both flavor and health benefits promises a condimentary aroma rather than a single spice taste.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/darifulFul-25-gr-piper-nigrum-dari-fulful-darulfulful/” color = “red” newwindow = “Yes”] It is possible to come across ginger, cinnamon, coconut and cardamom flavors in the aroma of long pepper with profile.
This fragrant, pleasant flavor spices are mostly used in the recipes of India, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia in the world.
The use is becoming widespread in European countries day by day. In these geographies, it is called “Long Pepper ve and is often mixed with black pepper.
Lentil soup, meat dishes, barbecue sauce and vapor vegetables are especially compatible with.
There are two different types of Darülfulfül. One is a Piper (Piper Longum) grown in India and the other is dei-phlei (Piper retrofactum) grown in Indonesia and Cambodia.
Although these two species are visually different, it is almost the same as flavor.
How is the Darülfulfül taste? The taste of the spice is most often likened to black. However, it has a warmer and rich aroma than it.
The bitterness does not resemble red pepper pain. At low level, there is a bitterness spreading on the palate.

HOW TO USE DARÜLFÜLFÜL? In fact, it is extremely simple to use in kitchens. It can be used in the same procedure in this spice as black pepper is used. It can be grinded or can be preferred in all states.
It will be compatible with Southeast Asian Cuisine dishes. Red rice, noodle bowl, soups… The best choices to meet this spice.
In such meals, of course, it is necessary to use the spice by grinding and a lighter aroma is provided. In casseroles and blinds, spice can be added to the dinner.
How to make Darül Fulfül Stream? Long pepper used in meals for pleasant taste can also be brewed as herbal tea. After the long peppers are grinded with a large grain, the brewing time is 5-7 minutes.
It is thought that this tea may have edema shooter and immunity strengthening effects.

Where to Sold Darul Fulfül? This exotic spice can be obtained safely from our website.
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