Paradise grains pepper (Grains of Paradise) or other names Malageta pepper, Guinea grains, Guinea pepper, a high -flavored seed spice is a seed spice.
Latin Name: Afyonum Melegueta
It carries the notes of Cakule, coriander, citrus, ginger, coconut and juniper within this grained spice specific to North Africa.
The taste of the grains of paradise used in a wide range of recipes with its rich aroma also resembles the pepper. It is at a low level of pain.
The use of this special spice from the same family as ginger was more common in the kitchens in the past centuries, while the falling price of black pepper and its easy findability has decreased.
Nevertheless, gourmet spices are a very special flavor for gourmet palates.
Paradise grains with a place in a wide variety of cultures; Moroccan spice mixture can be used in Ras al-Hanout. Or it can be preferred in the construction of Aquavitin, which is considered a national drink of Scandinavia.
Malageta pepper is a spice used in the production of beer and wine in the past centuries.
How to cook with grains of paradise? Paradise grains are usually sold without grinding, all seeds are sold and can be used in the kitchens.
In the whole case, the tariff can be added and removed from the pot before service. Before throwing the seeds in the pot, breaking the seeds and cracking a little will increase the aroma.
In this way, it is frequently used in rice dishes and vegetable sautes.
For an even more powerful aroma, the seeds can also be used in a mill or mortar.
In this way, it can be used by halving the amount of black pepper in the recipe with black pepper.
How is the melegueta pepper taste? The grains have a complex taste: woody, pepper, herbaceous, slightly hot.
In each small seed, ginger, cardamom, citrus, coriander, coconut and juniper notes are reserved.

How to hide? It is necessary to store the freshness of the grains for a long time. Powder pepper, even if it does not break, quickly loses stale and loses its aroma.
He makes sure that the grains do not see the sun for freshness for up to 6 months and are stored in a cool place. The ideal for storage will be glass jars.

What is used instead of grains of paradise? What is the substitution? Finding this exotic African spices may not always be easy. So what can be used in this case?
Here is the answer: Equally blended dust cardamom, powdered black pepper and powder ginger will help you capture a similar aroma. You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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