Celery seed is a special nutrient that has recently begun to be known. It is often used as spices or after celery seed paste.
The discovery that celery is more than a flavorable green vegetable is a bit older. Over the past decade, it was learned that the green parts of celery have a high antioxidant value. Now, celery juice is a must for diet lists!
The miracle of celery stems is completely different! Root celery also has a high antioxidant value. For those who need to limit salt consumption, even those who have to remove them completely from their lives, are considered a great alternative to the salt! In order to use it in this way, celery roots are dried and powdered!
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/kereviz-tozu-gluten–gg/” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now view the seeds of the celery! The last miracle of the discovered vegetables with a green leafy, tuber -rooted vegetables, which are not very attractive as this image, are the seeds!
Even though we are just aware of the positive effects of celery seeds on health, it is not new to use these seeds in Ayurveda medicine. From inflammation, arthritis, a method of frequently used to treat various disorders!
Celery seed is a nutrient to end counting a nutrient, but of course you need to start from a place!
It is rich in iron. It is a support for those who suffer from iron deficiency.
Arthritis is known to have mitigating properties. Diuretic. It can be relaxing for those with joint problems.
It is rich in calcium. Supports bone health. Reduces the risk of fracture and injury.
Celery seeds Prostate celery seeds are used as a cure against prostate along with Hazanbel root.
Celery seed has positive effects on sexuality. In particular, it can provide support to get rid of impotence. Sexual strength and desire.
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How to use celery seeds? The use of seeds such as spices is common. They are consumed more easily if grinded. Cheese and yogurt can be preferred with green leafy vegetables or with other spices in juicy dishes.
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Damages of celery seeds & side effects celery seeds are completely safe for most people. However, people who use thyroid medication and blood watering are not recommended. It can interact with such drugs!
Pregnant women and kidney patients are also people who need to avoid consumption of celery seeds.
In addition, people with chronic illness and regular drugs should consult a physician before adding these seeds to their nutrition!

WHICH DINNERS WHICH DEPARTMENTS? One of the most practical and arbitrary ways to consume the seeds of celery is to brew these seeds as tea.
For celery seed tea, gently crush the seeds before brewing this is the trick!
Celery seeds are interestingly compatible with tomatoes. After grinding the seeds, you can add it to tomatoes like a spice gradually. Homemade tomato soup will also add a very pleasant flavor.
Adding to smoothies can also be a different option. Smooths prepared with cabbage and apples are particularly worthy of.
You can make a difference by adding a small amount of seed celery to chicken and meat dishes, juicy dishes or salads!
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