Mary Hand Hand grass, Virgin Virgin Mary or Fatma Main Hand grass is a desert plant that is used to support various health conditions or strengthen spirituality.
When it sees dry plant water, it opens its leaves, grows and expands.
This growth is a pleasant image. It symbolizes a rebirth and resurrection.
It is also used in homes as a spiritual ornamental plant. It is believed that the hand plant, which is stored in a bowl full of water in a household, brings good luck and raises the energy of the house.
It is believed that the household contributes to the spiritual aspect and protects from outside negative energies and brings abundance, fertility and harmony to the household.
Love, romanticism, wealth and prosperity is thought to help to resurrect.
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For what purpose, of course, the usage of the plant changes.
For example, if it is to be used to refresh the energy of the house to bring good luck, Fatma is placed in a container of water. It is expected to fully open and expand the plant. When the plant is completely opened and the color of the water and the plant changes, the plant is removed from the water.
The brown water is sprinkled with the door and windows of the house, the corners and dark parts.
In order to increase fertility, when the hand plant of the Virgin Mary is completely opened, some coin can be put into it. The mother of Mary, which comes out of the water, is allowed to close with the coins.
The village of Mary, which is closed with the coins, is resurrected by putting it again in the water after a few days.
The coins coming out of the resurrected plant can be carried in the wallet as good luck and fertility. This fertility ritual can also be made with precious stones. Precious stones are often used in rituals made with the intention of increasing happiness and peace.
It is often used by pregnant women within a small ceremony to facilitate birth.
In this ceramony, the plant is put into a container of water and it is expected to open. Drink the water of the plant. It is believed that when the plant is completely opened, the uterus will be opened and the birth will begin and this process will easily pass.
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How to use the Virgin Virgin Mary at birth? Does it start the birth? The Virgin Mary is used both by women who want to conceive and by pregnant women close to birth. In addition, it is known that water is drunk by men to improve the number and quality of sperm.
Fatma main hand is used for easy birth.
Fatma main hand is placed in the water near birth. This water is stored near the pregnant woman.
It is believed that with the opening of the flower, the birth will begin and the uterus will begin to open.
With the start of pains, 1-2 sips are drunk from the water of the plant.
With the end of the birth, the Virgin Mary is also removed from the water. Btiki closes just like the uterus.
The plant can be used many times even after years.

When is the Virgin Mary in the water? When pregnant feels approaching, the head of Mary puts its hand in the water. This is sometimes 2-3 days ago. Sometimes it is a day ago. Sometimes the plant is placed in water hours before birth.
Can the Virgin Mary drink water? After the plant is kept in water, the water is drunk as 1-2 sips. However, it should be remembered that scientific studies on the possible effects of the plant on the body are insufficient. Where is the Virgin Mary? Where does it grow? This desert plant does not grow in our country and is often imported from Arab countries to our country. Buy the Virgin Virgin Mary Weed from our website you can safely obtain the Hand Hand Hand. You can use the plant you buy many times. [Button Link = “” color = “red” Newwindow = “Yes”] You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our price lists and campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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