Nerve grass; It is also known as nervous grass, vessel, wound grass, rash, boils. This plant, which has two different types; It is often preferred because of its cough cutter, painkillers, expectorant, breathable, chest softening effects.
The name of the plant comes from the appearance of a white vein you will see when you break the branch.
[Button Link = “ kuru/” color = “red” newwindow = “Yes”] Narrow -leaved weed and wide -leaf weed with narrow -leaved nervous weed and wide -leafburned weed, although it is different in the image of two similar species of similar properties. The usage of these two species is also very similar.

How to use nerve grass? The most common use of angry grass is the use of herbal tea. In addition, it is known that it is consumed with plenty of garlic by roasted in some regions and food like spinach.
The angry herb porridge is another method of using this plant. This porridge is prepared for the purpose of food, especially in skin problems, especially in eczema areas.
The vessel porridge is applied to eczema areas and wrapped with a thin cloth and applied before bedtime. In the morning, the winding is opened and the area is rinsed with warm water. Nerve grass porridge is also applied to the face.
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How to prepare nerve weed porridge? Herbal porridge is prepared with fresh plant. The leaves of the vessel plant are beaten with the help of a stone, the leaves are completely crushed and when they leave the juice, they are taken into a jar with the mouth. The jar can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 days.
Herbal tea; It is consumed as a remedy for constipation, shortness of breath, dry cough.

How to prepare anger grass tea? It is easy to prepare this tea. Fresh or dried nerves can be used. 1 teaspoon of nerve grass is thrown into boiled water. It is left to brew for 10 minutes. It is ready for me at the end of 10 minutes. It is enough to drink up to a large cup a day.
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Herbal thyme mixture and thyme is often used together. This duo is usually consumed by brewing as tea together.

The benefits of nerve grass and thyme mixture are often used in cold coughing. The mixture strengthens the immune system.

The effect of nerve grass and thyme mixture on hair is very effective on the hair. After the shower, the hair rinsed with anger grass and thyme mixture is prevented dandruff, hair loss decreases visibly.
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