Sassafras; It is a plant with unusual aroma which is usually consumed as tea.
Sassafra, which is accepted as a strong and valuable plant in its geographies, let’s examine it more closely!
The species that does not spread in our country is often considered a tree specific to certain regions of North America and East Asia.
Traditional medicine is used in areas where it grows to treat disorders such as diarrhea, colds and skin diseases.
Particularly green leaves and shell parts of the plant are preferred.
Sassafras Stream is brewed by boiling the root shell of the tree in water for 15-20 minutes to give its aroma into the water.
In order to taste tea and reinforce health benefits, plants such as ginger, cinnamon, clove and anise are also added.
Despite all these widespread use, the use of the Sassafras plant is suspicious and controversial.
The reason for this is that the plant contains a natural component called saffrol.
However, the saffrol substance can be removed from the plant during processing.
For this reason, the world is a herbal tea that continues to be sold. Nevertheless, experts warn that the consumption should not be overcome.
What are the benefits of Sassafras? Reduces inflammation.
It has diuretic effect.
It has infection preventive effect. nasil-kullanililir/
Sassafras Oil Sassafras Oil is an oil obtained by vapor distillation from the root shell of the Sassafras tree.
This oil is a potential carcinogenic saffrol, as well as rich in eugenol, café and various other seskiterpens.
Although many Sassafras oil varieties do not contain saffrol, there are still findings that they are still associated with cancer.
Although the limited and diluted use of this oil brings with it various benefits, the internal consumption of saffrol -containing oil is not recommended in any way. Moreover, this can be extremely dangerous.
Sassafras oil; Arthritis, high blood pressure, insomnia, lice, headache, muscle pain, skin inflammation and insect bites to combat; It is also a known product that is used to combat mosquitoes in tropical regions with mosquitoes.

Sassafras oil for bit is known for its ability to quickly kill lice due to its strong anti-parasitic nature.
Applying the diluted form of this non -saffrol oil by massaging the scalp and hair can end the lice invasion in a short time. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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