Shepherd’s grass; Camel is a wild plant, also known as the collapse of grass, iron spur or lodge.
Latin name: Tribulus Terrestris
What does shepherd the collapse do? Blood sugar and cholesterol -lowering effect, hormone balancing structure and related sexual function and libido enhancer effects are the most prominent features.
There is the idea that the body acts like testosterone. Although this thought is not fully supported by scientific data, shepherd’s grass and food supplements from this weed are on the market. These are often used by bodybuilders and active athletes.
Another reason why athletes prefer this plant is that the physical resistance of the plant is the effect of physical performance.
It is also used to reduce the physiological effects of stress.
It also has an edema -throwing effect. With this feature, the mixture is frequently included in slimming teas.
According to a study in Bulgaria, shepherd’s grass is promising in the treatment of female and male endocrine disorders.
Reduces the negative effects of Androposis in men. Moreover, it has a protective effect on prostate problems.
Another reason for frequent preferred iron spines is the effect of pouring kidney stones and kidney sand. The plant is a shorter and easier passing of the process.
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When is the shepherd collecting? Both the flowers, the green parts of the plant, the seeds and the roots are suitable for food consumption.
To collect the plant, the flowers should be expected to open fully. When the flowers are fully opened, the plant is ready to collection from open lands in August in August.
It grows widely in the Aegean and Mediterranean.

How to use the shepherd’s collapse? Usually consumed by brewing like tea:
Drip into the boiling water of the dried branches, leaves and prickly parts of the plant and boil for 2 to 2 -3 minutes and the resulting water is for 1 tea glass.
Iron spur can be used practically for ground powdered powder. It can be mixed with honey, milk, yogurt.
It is also prepared as a plant food in some regions:
Before returning to the flower, collect in sprout and roast and serve with yogurt.
There are also products prepared by grinding all parts of the plant in powder state. [Button Link = “ -ogutulmus-demir-dimeni/” color = “red” newwindow = “Yes”] Do not consume more than 2 tea glasses a day. If you are going to cure, it is ideal to consume one cup of tea in the morning and evening. After applying the cure for 20 days, take a break for at least a week.

What are the side effects of camel collapsing? Be sure to consult a specialist before using the plant internally. So much so that the plant interacts with the drugs you use. It is also not suitable for the use of chronic illnesses and pregnant women. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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