The broom of the Prophet is a healing plant that has an important place in Chinese medicine and has agriculture in our country. It also grows automatically by the water edges.
The leaves are pleasant, the flowers are yellow.
Latin name: Artemisia Annua
Other known common names are Yavşan grass and pelin grass.
Harvest is done during September and October. Harvest must be completed before the plant returns to the flower.
What are the benefits of the broom broom? The plant is used for the treatment of various diseases, especially in traditional medicine, fever, inflammation and malaria.
It is also known that the plant has antiviral and antibacterial properties.
Plant is also used in medication. Particularly for malaria, the drugs prepared with the active ingredient of the prophet are included in the pharmacies as prescriptions.
The parts that are suitable for drug making are the parts of the plant on the soil.
It is also known that the broom broom is applied to the skin externally for bacterial and fungal infections, arthritis and other joint pain, bruises, nerve compression and sprains.
In external uses, the leaves of the plant are boiled and the porridge is prepared and the application is applied directly to the region.
In the last year, the corona virus of the Prophet and the corona virus were also carried out that tested the effectiveness of the artemicity of the plant on the corona virus.
According to a study conducted at the University of Colombia in 2020; The essence, which was prepared by brewing the dried leaves of the plant, was found to be successful in antiviral effect against a type of corona virus.

How to Use the Bell of the Prophet Bacaltor? The leaf parts of the plant are widely used. After the leaves are dried, it can be consumed by brewing.
Preparing tincture with the body and leaf parts of the plant is another method.

The most appropriate time for the cultivation of seeds is the spring months. Seeds can be planted directly into the soil, or can be grown in the form of transferring to the soil after seedling is made in the interior.
For the highest efficiency of the prophet’s broom seeds, sowing should be applied one by one instead of seed spreading method.
The plant tolerates high temperatures and likes the dense and direct sun.
It can adapt and tolerate a wide variety of soil species. However, in very humid soil species, decay can be seen in the root parts of the plant. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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