Putting toothpicks is one of the wild plants with its place in traditional medicine. The plant is white flowering, long handle. It grows spontaneously in nature.
It is also known as dental grass, toothworm grass, koşni, khellin or khella.
The history and use of tooth grass extends until the Middle Ages. It has been used in the treatment of a wide range of diseases, especially urinary tract diseases since ancient times.
Puttons, which have a natural diuretic effect, are also said to have a therapeutic effect of diseases such as kidney stones, kidney sand and diabetes.
However, scientific data supporting the effects of the dental on health are still very few.
What are the benefits of toothpick grass? It supports to prevent the formation of kidney stones.
Helps prevent cell damage.
There are studies showing that it can help manage diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels.

Some studies of tooth grass vitiligo show that the oral removal or administration of Khellin, a chemical in Khella, improves the color change caused by vitiligo on the skin when used with ultraviolet light therapy.
It is known that it is used not only for vitiligo but also for various skin damage. Supports rapid healing of wounds on the skin. It takes swelling and redness on the skin.
Moreover, it is thought to provide results for regional hair loss.

How to use toothpick grass? Puttony seed is used as external and internal. Putting toothpick grass plant is consumed like tea by brewing seeds. Or it can be used externally for skin diseases such as vitiligo.

What are the dental grass damages? There may be serious side effects that may occur due to long -term, high dose and unconscious consumption.
Nausea is usually the first complaints.
To avoid side effects, consult a specialist before use.
Pregnant and nursing women and children are not recommended to use them because they are insufficient.
Toothworm grass is among the interactive plants with the sun. After the skin applications, the region applied must be protected from the sun.
Because of this feature, skin applications should be done at night, not daytime.
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