Körmen grass is one of the highest flavored ones among the Aegean herbs.
Wild garlic, rural onions, wild leeks, yellow lily grass, gurente, grass, gulik, sirım and köremen … is also known with various local names.
It is not wrong to say a wild garlic for Körmen. Garlic can be used wherever it is used.
The parts of the plant under the ground are higher flavored. The stalks are like leeks.
But blinding is not as intense flavored as garlic. The smell is not disturbing. For this reason, it is preferred instead of garlic for healing and medication.
How to cook Körmen grass? It can be eaten by cooking like leek food. Roast without onions can be eaten with eggs.
Other roasting Aegean Herbs – such as ebegümeci, radish grass, nettle, tangle, sullenness – can be roasted together. Wild garlic is used less than other herbs in mortar.
And blended with pastry herbs and sheet pastry, observation can be performed.
In addition to the recipes you add Köremen, you do not need to use onions or garlic.

When will the Körmen grass come out? When the winter is over and spring comes, you can see Kömeyen in the markets.

Where does Körmen grass grow? Although it is known as a weed unique to the Aegean, it grows in a wide range of regions of Turkey. However, its use in kitchens is mostly common in our provinces in the Aegean region.

What are the benefits of Körmen plant? In addition to its flavor, there are many benefits. Since it is not a product of agricultural cultivation, it is a food that does not carry the risk of agricultural pharmaceuticals. Wild garlic collected from mountainous land is completely organic.
Natural antibiotics. And strengthens immunity.
Natural blood pressure lowering.
Increases the quality and quantity of breast milk.
Sexual power enhancer. Libido enhancer.

It is also possible to use the Körmen spice plant as a spice all year by collecting and drying the plant from spring. The dried blinds are ground in the kitchen processor or mill.
This spice can also be consumed by brewing tea. Softens the throat and reduces cough.
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