White willow shell or white willow shell contains chemicals called saline. This is the main reason why the chemical tree is consumed in various reinforcement forms or directly.
Latin name: Salix Alba
The will of the willow tree also have subtypes in other colors. However, especially the preferred white willow tree is the shell.
The saline contained in the shells; It may have pain relief and antipyretic effects in the body.
Usually it is known that white willow peel is used for back pain, osteoarthritis, fever, flu, muscle pain and many other conditions.
For back and low back pain, reinforcements obtained from the shell parts of the white will and the shell of the plant are widely used for back and low back pain. For this purpose, the plant is built by orally.
It is known that the effects are seen in the first week. Effects on waist and back pain are also supported by various scientific data.
For this and similar pain reducing purposes, their 3 -month use is generally considered safe. Uninterrupted use is not recommended for longer than that.
Is the white willow peel effective for inflammation? The chewing of the shells due to the reducing effects of the shells dates back to the Hippocrates period. It is thought that it can dry inflammation with its rich compounds and alleviate inflammation -based complaints.

What are the side effects? Possible side effects include vomiting, diarrhea and burning in the stomach.
People with aspirin allergies are not recommended to use. Allergic reactions such as itching and redness are common in allergic bodies.

How to use white willow? Usually the shells are divided into small pieces and they are brewed as tea and drink as warm.
The shells can be grinded and can be used more practically.
It is also possible to bring together axöğüt powder and vinegar and prepare tinctures with a strong effect.

What’s containing? Apigenin, beta-carotene, lignin, saline, salicylic acid, tannin, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc, B vitamins and vitamin C is hidden within the white will.
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